Glaswegian singer songwriter John Rush is back with his uplifting track, The Older The Grape (The Sweeter the Wine)

Restrictions are easing, the sun is out and John Rush is just weeks away from releasing his new single… it looks like things are certainly looking up in 2021. The Older The Grape (The Sweeter The Wine) is the second single of the year from the Glaswegian singer songwriter and trust us when we say it’s certainly a track that will leave an impact with you.

The track represents a celebration of life and love which can certainly be heard throughout with it’s rising, vibrant melodies, soulful vocals and memorable lyrics. It’s a song that brings positivity, inspiration and appreciation which after this year is certainly what we need right now.

The Older The Grape blends in with John’s usual breezy, perky style that we all know and love. The colourful percussion floats throughout the song giving listeners that ultimate feel-good boost. Mark our words you can’t listen to this track without a smile on your face and once you’ve listened to it you won’t be able to stop. Think the uplifting melody from The Blossoms’ The Keeper mixed in with the raw emotion from Paolo Nutini’s Iron Sky.

To me, the song reminds me of better things to come. When I listen to The Older The Grape, it immediately makes me think of the small pleasures in life that we’ve not had a chance to experience over the last year. It’s a song that makes me excited for the future… being reunited with friends and family, watching live music with a cold draft pint in hand and holidays abroad by the sea. It’s incredible how one track can allow its listeners to create such happy thoughts and memories but that’s the power of music and the beauty of John’s song writing talents.

. The Older The Grape would be the perfect finale for one of John’s live sets and fingers crossed it’s something we can witness during his Saint Lukes headliner in August.

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