Still Digging This Beat – “Time of Our Lives” – The Clause [Single Review]

Birmingham quartet, The Clause are back with a long awaited single, “Time of Our Lives” and let me tell you, the wait was well worth it. Known for their 60’s swagger, 80’s groove and 90’s attitude, The Clause are well and truly on their way up. Within the past week, “Time of Our Lives” has climbed to No.1 in the UK iTunes Rock Chart and No.24 in the UK Charts, surpassing Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” and I’m here to tell you why.

“Time of Our Lives” starts similar to The Clause’s previous single “In My Element” with a synth riff to immediately grab your attention, after a short and sweet 2 seconds in we hear the first hit of a symbol, followed by our first taste of the guitar riff that we hear throughout the song, all within 5 seconds of pressing play. Incredible scenes. Frontman Pearce Macca comes in with the vocals, channelling all three 60’s swagger, 80’s groove and 90’s attitude and doing it well. The song and it’s lyrics came to Pearce on a late Saturday night during lockdown while sat in the shed at the bottom of his garden where he spends his time writing and putting together new tunes, dreaming of getting back to live music and a normal life.

Pearce said that it’s easy to get into a habit of writing unhappy songs during such a hard time but “Time of Our Lives” is “like sticking two fingers up to all the hardships and realising life is a blessing

Image – Twitter @theclausebrum

For me, this song is an anthem, a song to get you ready for normal life to return, that first song you play when you’re getting ready for a night out. It’s what everyone needs to hear to rid those lockdown blues. For The Clause, this is the perfect follow up track for “In My Element”, both tracks only being the tip of the ice berg for them and I can’t wait to see what they gift us with next.

Dig it.

Listen to “Time of Our Lives” on Spotify now!

Twitter – @theclasuebrum

Instagram – @theclause_birmingham

Facebook – The Clause

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