Single Review: The Utopiates – Anitdote

By Myrren Porter

In February, indie rock and roll band The Utopiates released their second single ‘Antidote.’ 

The track comes hot on the heels of the London four pieces’ debut single which premiered in January this year. After recently forming in the height of lockdown in 2020, the group have provided us with two new songs which have both shown much promise. 

Although the band are a southern effort, their tracks sound heavily influenced by bands like James and even The Charlatans with ‘Antidote’ being a prime example. 

The single begins immediately with steady drum beats with complimentary and funky guitar riffs to then being met with the vocals of singer/songwriter Dan Popplewell that are soft yet punctual and continue to be so throughout the song. 

‘Antidote’ features guitar melodies that are clever and extremely complementary to both bass and keys, however there are several times throughout the song that the musical talents of guitarist Josh Redding that are showcased in numerous riffs which show a more rock side to The Utopiates. 

Overall, ‘Antidote’ is an extremely pleasant track that I am sure will feature on many summer time playlists as the warmer months arise. In 2021 The Utopiates have provided their growing fan base with two brilliant songs that showcase how musically versatile they are. 

We at The Music Files cannot wait to hear forthcoming from The Utopiates and hope to see them perform soon. 

‘Antidote’ is available to stream on all major platforms. 

Follow The Utopiates on: 


Twitter: @TheUtopiates

Instagram: @theutopiates

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