23 Promotions & Immersive TV presents a night of incredible live music right from your living room!

by Chloe Gudgin

On Friday 26th March will be hosted by 23 Music Management and other managements. This event will include a night of live music & music videos in between acts from 7-11pm which will be streamed live. 

The Artists included in this event are Sadie Marie, Colin Hunter, The Laurettes, Red Hearted Vibrations, Flew the Arrow. These artists will be performing their original tracks, making it feel like an original concert that you as the viewer to this, would feel like you are there!

Tickets are, £8 for viewing but if you want to be interactive it will be £10. At your leisure ticket is £8 +BF. This will allow you to watch the show at your leisure, this will be a stream only version. 

This whole event is to keep music alive. As the pandemic has fully affected the music industry, where artists are hidden away from their academies to perform this is the new way to interact with fans. To keep music alive. 

Here is the link to buy tickets for this event: https://immersive-tv.ticketspice.com/23-promotions-presents-26th-march

Have a listen to all the acts via our own Spotify playlist below…

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