Sarah Connolly Releases New Track ‘Wishing Bone’

Newcastle based Sarah Connolly has just released ‘Wishing Bone’ on the 1st March. It is the perfect chill out song and I can’t seem to turn it off. Sarah takes influence from artists like Lucy Rose, Lianne La Havas and Norah Jones.

‘Wishing Bone’ starts with a some nice simple guitar strumming that creates a lovely chill vibe. Soon after, Sarah Connolly’s beautifully unique vocals come in with “He said winter is just ‘round the corner, I said but each day, I still feel the same, I’ve been swimming against this tide for some time but the water is turning to clay” which instantly sets the theme for the track.

Sarah says that the inspiration behind the lyrics to the track are “There’s no dodging the fact it’s about being hooked on an ex, no matter how perfect and well suited new relationships are. I’m describing the feeling of being stuck in a rut and being your own worst enemy in finding love and happiness – knowing that’s the case but swimming against the tide regardless.”

Later within the track you can hear Sarah’s band come in helping to build up the track creating the most stunning atmosphere. Sarah Connolly has recently added a small band behind her to support her sound more.

I can already imagine standing in a small venue listening to Sarah’s dazzling voice being surrounded by other people blown away by the talent that Sarah has. Make sure you keep an eye on Sarah’s socials:

Facebook: @sarahconnollymusic

Instagram: @misssarahconnolly

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