We Speak To Liverpool’s Jack Gill Ahead Of The Release Of His New Single ‘With Me’.

Jack Gill has jumped onto the Liverpool music scene over the past couple of years. He’s released tracks like ‘Sky High’ and ‘Our Time’ alongside playing shows across the city. Jack’s new single ‘With Me’ is set to be released on Friday 26th March and I can promise you it is an outstanding track.

I started of by asking Jack what got him into music and he said “I’d probably say my earliest memories is hearing my dad play the Beatles and me singing along to them, cliché being a scouser I know! My mum was big into music as well though, she used to play the likes of Nina Simone and the old soul stuff which appealed to me as well, from a young age I was exposed to proper music and that just carried on as I grew older to be honest.”

Jack then told me that “Musically I’d say Dylan, Lennon and Richard Ashcroft, can’t beat a proper lyricist!”. Personally, I think you can hear a massive amount of influence from these artists within Jack’s music.

Over lockdown Jack Gill has spent a lot of time on song writing so I asked him what encouraged him to write “It normally depends on how I’m feeling at a specific time and who I’m listening too, I’m one of them where if something comes to me I have to pick a guitar up, write out what’s in my head and record it and then go and listen back and build from there.”

Jack is set to release his new song ‘With Me’ on Friday 26th March. It is an amazing indie tune that is right up any indie lovers street. Throughout the song you can hear the catchy harmonica riff that leaves you humming along for hours later. The chorus is very catchy and I’m sure fans will be singing along in no time. Jack Gill has clearly taken the best parts of all the indie hits over the years and put them into ‘With Me’ creating a belter of a track.

Jack said “I started writing it around this time last year just as we all went into that first lockdown, at the time we all thought it was gonna be one of them where we’d all stay in for a month or so and then it would be back to normal, I was just thinking about getting it out of the way and coming into summer, getting back to good times and cracking on. Obviously turned out a lot different but I’m happy I can have those same thoughts & feelings now we look to be heading back to normality over the coming months! I wanted to make a song that could put a smile on peoples faces, feedback so far has been great so hopefully I’ve been able to do that.”

Jack Gill has recently added a band behind him when playing, he said “It’s helped me improve as a musician massively, I take more risks now musically and maybe try things that I wouldn’t have 12-18 months ago.”

Over the past year not many artists have had the chance to play live but Jack was lucky enough to play his own headline socially distance show, he described the experience as “I was a bit unsure at first on how my headline one in august would turn out but it went really well. There where set tables for groups to be assigned to but everyone was up singing and that, its not ideal as we all love a packed gig where you can get in the mixer but you have to learn to adapt and it was definitely an experience.”

Liverpool has nurtured some of the worlds most talented artists Jack described coming from the city as “Proud. One of the best places on the planet for musicians, there is good support between the community as well and its great being part of that. A good example was the Liverpool Digital Music festival in spring of last year. Tons of artists came together for free with all proceeds going to the NHS and the music trust, there where some big hitters there like Jamie Webster and The Heavy North, it was great to be a part of that.”

Jack said that he recommends these other artists within the city “My good mates Columbia who you know very well! There’s a great band called The Sway as well who have just released their EP, go and check it out, some lovely sounds. Loads about though at the minute, as you said one of the UKs music hubs!”

Jack Gill has been working very hard over the past year so we asked him what is next, he said “I’ve got With Me coming March 26th and then another release due late summer, we have some gigs lined up and soon as we get the go ahead from the powers that be I’ll be announcing on my socials so keep an eye out”

You can keep up to date with Jack Gill via his social media:

Instagram: @jackgillmusic

Twitter: @jackgillmusic1

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