Our Top 5 Releases of the Week

Recommendation 1: Jacko Hooper – This Was The Earth

A uplifting breezy melody with impressive strong soulful vocals are displayed within This Was The Earth the latest single from Brighton based singer songwriter, Jacko Hooper. The track oozes listeners in with it’s dreamy acoustics and captivating lyrics creating this unique style that you won’t have heard before! It’s a track that allows you to get lost in in the music while truly appreciating the talents of Jacko Hooper. A new artist on our radar that we certainly recommend giving a listen…

Recommendation 2: Myla Vie – Mistake

Mistake is a fresh new 90s RnB influenced track from upcoming pop artist, Myla Vie which will guaranteed to give you that Friday feeling. The single is an inspiration of all woman who have been through a difficult break-up and can look back with that ‘boy bye’ attitude. Think Lizzo meets Nikki Minaj. It’s not only Myla’s impressive set of vocals that make her stand out from the crowd but the independent lyrics that all woman can relate to. Mistake is the type of song I can picture getting played in a club that will guarantee a full dance floor.

Recommendation 3: Ponte Pilas – Clickbait

German based alt rock band, Ponte Pilas‘ latest release, Clickbait is the ultimate rock banger with it’s fast-paced tempo, energetic guitar hooks and rapid drum beats. Think Muse meets Queens of The Stone Age. Ponte Pilas are a band certainly making a name for themselves in the UK and Clickbait proves that they show no sign of stopping anytime soon!

Recommendation 4: My Name is Ian – For Love

Nothing screams the weekend is here more than the new single, ‘For Love’ from Cardiff’s alt electronic group, My Name is Ian. The band take a step back into the 80s with this quirky rhythmic bop. The rising funky melodies blend in perfectly with the popping bassline hooking listeners in from the get-go. Think Hot Chic meets Daft Punk… everyone needs a bit of My Name is Ian in their life.

Recommendation 5: In Earnest – Your Dog / Good Boy

Based in Southend On Sea, alt indie trio In Earnest double single, Your Dog / Good Boy will take listeners on a journey through love, loss and nostalgia. Both tracks highlight the intimate gentle vocals that blend in beautifully with the rising melodies. Your Dog is influenced by the band’s dog Murph and Good Boy is a tribute to their Doug, who sadly passed away. The songs emphasise just how talented In Earnest are when it comes to song writing, with both singles also showing the variety in their music but with the same mesmerising effect.

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