Have you Listened to Elkyn – Something yet?!

By Chelsea Ness

Indie folk singer songwriter Joseph Donnelly aka Elkyn takes listeners on a journey through inner peace with his latest single, Something. The tranquil melodies collide beautifully with the soft, intimate vocals and quirky synths creating a track that allows listeners to escape.

Although the real meaning behind the track relates to feelings of hopeless and desperation, Something instantly relaxes listeners and gives them the ability to switch off from reality. There’s a range of emotion displayed through the track that allows listeners to really feel something despite the persona not being able to. Think Jose Gonzalez meets Ben Howard… the type of music that leaves listeners feeling inspired.

Something is the first release of the year for the Leeds based musician and the track clearly shows the amount of potential Elkyn has within the local music scene.

Have a listen to Something below…

Keep up-to-date with elkyn via his social media links below

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elkynband

Twitter: @elkyn_music_

Instagram: @elkyn_music_/

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