Have you listened to Broken Youth by Jack Rasmussen yet?

If you’re a fan of Sam Fender and Tom Odell then you will absolutely love Broken Youth, the debut single from North East singer songwriter, Jack Rasmussen. Soft acoustics, catchy uprising melodies and deeply addicting vocals, this track will leave you in awe.

Broken Youth shows the high quality talent in Jack’s song writing ability with not just the music itself but the lyrics. Jack writes the type of lyrics that are relevant in today’s society: ‘Everywhere you go take the pictures on your phone, it’s the worst but best invention human kind will ever know.’ Broken Youth captures the harsh realities of social media and the damaging effects it has on the modern world today. This is a track that people can relate to, giving it a true purpose where listeners can take their own meanings from it.

It’s crazy to think that this is Jack’s first single as a solo artist showing fans just how much of a natural he is. If this is his debut, can you imagine the standard of music he releases in years to come?! Mark my words, this is a musician who is going somewhere…

Make sure you follow Jack on his social media platforms below…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackrasmussenmusic

Twitter: @jrasmussenmusic

Instagram: @jackrasmussen

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