Take a trip back in time with UK Alt-Indie band Thrillhouse’s brand new 80s Influence banger, Flawed Design

by Chelsea Ness

Do you ever listen to a song and just instantly vibe with it?! Well, that was me when I first heard UK alt-pop band, Thrillhouse’s latest release, Flawed Design. That feeling of excitement when you hear a new band for the first time and you just immediately click with them. Now I’m not sure if it’s the punchy drums, the catchy chorus or the quirky pop 80s influence melody but Flawed Design certainly ticks all the boxes for me.

Flawed Design kicks off with a solo bouncy drum beat shortly followed by the bright, snappy chorus that will have you hooked right the way through. This fun, colourful single is the ultimate mood lifter with it’s rhythmic blend of percussive beats.

Think Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ meets Talking Heads ‘Once in a Lifetime’ with the infectious melody and 80s influenced vocals, it’s clear to say that Thrillhouse were born in the wrong era yet that’s what makes them so brilliant. That nostalgic 80s pop style mixed with their own modern day approach makes Flawed Design stand out and separates them from the just another local indie band stigma.

It’s songs like Flawed Design that are the reason why I created The Music Files in the first place, it’s the type of song that instantly makes you feel something. Imagine being able to write a song that makes listeners really feel something…that’s what the power of music is all about and Thrillhouse’ song writing talents do this so well.

If there was any a track that was needed to boost people’s moods and put a smile on their face during these tough times, it’s Flawed Design.


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Twitter: @Thrillhouseok

Instagram: @Thrillhouseok

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