Have you Listened to Jonas Källstrand – What You Need & Where You Go yet?

By Chelsea Ness

Swedish singer, Jonas Källstrand is the gift that keeps on giving with his pure vocals and captivating acoustics. His single, ‘What You Need & Where You Go‘ which was released in November last year left an impression on me the first time I heard it through Jonas’ story telling song writing talents and has stuck with me ever since.

‘What You Need & Where You Go’ is a gentle folk song with a hint of that old classic americana / country vibe mixed in with Jonas’ own unique style. Think Death Cab for Cutie meets James Bay. Those infectious soaring vocals blended with the soft emotional acoustics. Jonas creates the type of music that allows listeners to escape from reality which is exactly what ‘What You Need & Where You Go‘ is about.

The story follows a girl growing up with the responsibility of looking after her younger brother and only having the power of music to escape to. Despite the hardship of what the persona is going through, ‘What You Need & Where You Go’ portrays an element of inspiration throughout highlighting the positive impact that music has in people’s lives.

What You Need & Where You Go is a track that continues to leave me in awe whenever I hear it which is exactly why it should be on your radar.

Make sure you follow Jonas on his social media platforms and listen to the track below…

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/tuffbranschrecords

Twitter : https://twitter.com/JonasKllstrand

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jonaskallstrandmusic

Video / Youtube : https://youtu.be/ab-NmnjIcWc

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