Have You Listened to Living in a World Postponed by Loose Puppet yet?

by Myrren Porter

Last month, London artist Loose Puppet released his debut single ‘Living in a World Postponed,’ a track which is prevalent to the current climate in which we are living in. 

Lyrically, the premiered track deals with COVID related issues which audiences will be able to relate too massively. Lyrics such as ‘I’m making plans with my head in the sand as these days go on and on,’ indicating the uncertainty of life during a pandemic which we are all subject too. 

Nonetheless, such raw libretto contrast to the upbeat melody showcasing brighter and more promising days to come. The melancholy tune features fuzzy sounding guitar riffs that although contrast to the deep sounding lyrics, compliment each other greatly. 

‘Living in a World Postponed’ is the first release from Loose Puppet and it shows great promise for future releases and we at The Music Files can’t wait to hear more.

Make sure you keep up to date with Loose Puppet via his social media platforms below…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Loose-Puppet-100397138593241

Twitter: @loose_puppet

Instagram: @loosepuppet_

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