La Club Royale – ‘Rise Up’ [Single Review]

Visualise yourself, 2D animated, walking to your DeLorean, putting the keys in the ignition, before driving away into the city nights. That’s the intro. The camera then zooms out, showing the city with neon lights and out of tune people, then back to you, just in time for the verse to start.

I want nothing more / Than to see you / Than to see you again

That’s the beginning of the new song from Lyle Kennedy and Connor Adam’s emerging project, La Club Royale.

The duo has created an upbeat dance-indie-song about having that special someone in your life. That someone who turns your life around for the better, that someone who saves you, and they want it to last forever.

It was written as a creative output for both Lyle and Connor as well as the need for experimenting with various sounds after numerous years in different indie bands. It all took form during the lookdown in Scotland. The goal is to bring energy back to the dancefloor and they’ve succeeded.

Kennedy delivers the vocals with a very interesting tone. I don’t know why but somehow it reminds me of David Bowie. Could it be that relaxed low-end quality to hit? Anyhow, I like it! That said, ‘Rise Up’ is not a piece that’s relying purely on its vocals, as they are backed by heavy 80s and 90s drums, spacey guitars and synths, that together with the vocals give the song its unique and captivating indie-dance-sound. You should, and you want to, turn up the speakers in your DeLorean as loud as possible. La Club Royale promise more music to come in the next couple of months and you don’t want to miss it.

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