North Atlas, New Release: House of Mirrors – An Intense Journey of Self Reflection

By Megan Hughes

Alternative rock group North Atlas have released a single about the impact of isolation and how difficult it is being forced to look at yourself.

North Atlas are a three piece Glaswegian alternative rock band. The group delivers hard hitting lyrics on the regular with heavy guitar riffs. Many have drawn similarities between North Atlas and the likes of Enter Shikari or Biffy Clyro – two different groups with two different sounds. Personally, I don’t think these guys could ever really be compared as they are the band of the in-between, a sound which bridges that gap and provides the link for crossovers.

The song starts with erratic percussion which sets the tempo along with some vocals calling out which resemble sounds from the Siberian duo Olox. Then front man Leon Hunter announces himself with soft breathy vocals; please, do not assume the description of breathy for light – these vocals are far from it. You can tell that they are being held back waiting to let rip with a bang.

Things are kicked up a notch when Hunter hits listeners with ‘in this house of mirrors all we can see is the image of our own head down at our feet; are you sure you’re not a ghost?’ Lyrically this song is about being forced to look at yourself and seeing the bits you don’t like; specifically- coping mechanisms which we develop and carry. Very fitting for a pandemic production as everyone has spent a year at home, by themselves, climbing the walls and trying to figure out how to cope and occupy themselves. The only company many have had for the last year has been their own reflection which is a direct connection with the songs lyrics.

Straight after the existential crisis inducing lyrics the listener is hit with deep, electronic, grungy guitar riffs that roar. Setting the deep and heavy tone for the entire song.

Feelings of isolation and how toxic we can be to ourselves are touched on as Hunter sings out lines such as: ‘can’t fetch a preacher because no-one believes; can you fall in love with a state of mind if you stay inside all of the time.’ You can feel the pent up aggression in the lyrics; especially in the delivery of them.

The Glasgow group had a clear and direct message with this song which is an honest take on how a long lasting global pandemic is impacting people, specifically people living themselves. It isn’t glamourised or sugar coated. It is deep, dark and heavy and all the things that the ugly truth are.

House of Mirrors is out now and available to stream, get the bass set and let your neighbours know the walls shall be rumbling soon.

If you want to keep up with North Atlas you can follow them at the below:

Instagram – @north_atlas
Twitter – @north_atlas
Facebook –

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