New Kids on The Block CRASHKID! Drop New Single Icon – Guitar Riffs Galore!

By Megan Hughes

Gritty, alternative rock group from Central Belt Scotland release new single Icon. CRASHKID! are giving us all a crash course in making new catchy festival anthems.

CRASHKID! is a four piece alternative rock group with an origin story from the Central Belt of Scotland. Being the new kids on the block it could be argued that their origin story is still being written. The band has a brand new single out – Icon, which is only their fourth single to date. Although, new to the game their single still packs a heavy punch of catchy guitar riffs; drum beats which you inherently bob your head to; and lyrics that have you singing along with the whole band before you know it.

It is evident once you have listened to the track that CRASHKID! are taking no prisoners and 2021 is being taken by storm. The band have had enough of being locked and hidden away, tier four is shaking from impact. Icon is primed to be iconic.

Straight away, as the song opens your ears prick up and you would be forgiven for expecting a Kasabian anthem to follow suit as the intro does have similarities to the likes of Clubfoot and Underdog. However, as the vocals enter it is clear this is no Kasabian wannabe, this is a sound in its own right. The band, although, still in their infancy in comparison to some, have already created a sound which as a repeat listener you begin to expect to from them. This observation is no insult to the guys – it is an applauding compliment, that in such a short period of time they have developed their sound. Frequently with young bands their ‘sound’ jumps drastically and changes frequently from track to track. Musicians experimenting and figuring out their strengths but CRASHKID! know what they want and it appears they know exactly how to get it.

The full three minutes and thirty seven seconds is comprised of everything any CRASHKID! listener has come to expect from them. The gritty guitar chords and heavy drum loops are paired in a complimentary fashion with the key the song is sang in. The back up vocals and harmonies are light and airy; all the vocals dancing above the bassline of the song. This tactic helps prevent the lyrics getting lost in amongst what would just become noise.

When it comes to the lyrics of this song the band explores the feelings and motivations behind the figuratively speaking ‘undiscovered’ artist and their road to success. The drive to that success and what they are willing to do for it; with the stand out line of ‘selling sex on the radio’.

The song fades out gradually which is necessary from such a full and loud track but it definitely leaves the listener longing for more; and most likely dreaming of having pints (what we all hope and pray is a pint) thrown over them in a crowd at a music festival in the sun.

CRASHKID! are just getting started and this is a soundwave we all want to be involved in. Icon is out now and ready to be streamed!

To keep up with CASHKRID! You can follow them at the below:

Instagram – @crashkidoffical
Twitter – @CRASHKIDtweets
Facebook –

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