DMA’S – Live At Brixton [Album Review]

Indie Aussie favourites, DMA’S are back with another banger of an album, this time treating us to their London gig in March 2020. The gig itself was the band’s biggest headline gig to date and ‘career highlight’ selling out the o2 Academy, Brixton, within about a week of tickets being on sale.

The band played a lengthly set of 17 songs from all three albums and one EP. Kicking things off with the massive “Feels Like 37” getting the crowd into a lively start with the entire venue absolutely bouncing. Following on with more massive and iconic tracks such as “Dawning” and “Too Soon”, keeping the crowd on a high. The fourth song into the set was a taste of the not -yet released (at the time) “Hello Girlfriend”, showing us more of what to expect from their third album “The Glow”. Needless to say, it went down a real treat. Carrying on the set with another tune from “The Glow”, “Silver” was next, a massive fan favourite from the day of it’s release, and it’s clear to see why. Next up, another favourite off the band’s second album “For Now”, “Time & Money” and following behind, another teaser for “The Glow” was in fact the title track for the album, “The Glow” with a well received response from the crowd, yet again. Continuing was one of my personal favourites from DMA’s, “The End”, usually played live acoustically but this time, treated us to the studio version and you guessed it, it went down a treat! A wee somber part of the set now with huge sing-a-long favourites from debut album “Hill’s End”, “Step Up The Morphine” and “Delete”, again, massive tracks, especially live with immaculate vibes and great band and audience connection. Picking things back up again with the fast-paced, almost dance-like “Life Is A Game Of Changing”, sending the crowd into one massive dancefloor. Another soft song moment, this time was the simply beautiful “In The Air” dedicated to the late, Lesley Harris. A really beautiful moment. Continuing on with the excellent “Tape Deck Sick” and rounding us off with the brilliant, explosive “Play It Out”. Only to be welcomed back to the stage with massive roars from the crowd to play the first track off “Hill’s End”, “Timeless”, again, another one of my personal favourites, pure bliss. “Lay Down” next up, again, a massive fan favourite and an iconic track with huge crowd response, usually “Lay Down” is the last track DMA’S play live, however, they had yet ANOTHER treat in store for us by playing “Your Low” from their 2015 Self Titled EP, the first time they had played this song live since 2016. As you can imagine, this was VERY well received from the crowd and brought this massive show to a close.

The album is released this Friday, 5th of March and I can only say to buckle up, you’re in for an absolutely incredible time.

Image – NME

Twitter – @dmasmusic

Instagram – @dmasmusic

Facebook – DMA’S

Listen to “Silver (Live At Brixton)” Below

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