Have You Listened To: ‘The Riot Vans – Scotrails Stealing All My Money’ Yet?!

By Lauryn Donnelly

The Vans are back causing a Riot with the Abellio!

The Riot Vans have booted the door right in with their first release of 2021, the brand new single ‘Scotrails Stealing All My Money’ was released on the 5th of February and boyyyy, you’re in for a treat! The Glasgow based band have out done themselves with this track, throwing their abhorrence towards the Abellio through their lyrics such as “Fuck the Abellio” and “Cheaper than the car? Is it fuck!”.

This track was written a while back about the bands daily commute from Perth to Glasgow, and hiding in the toilet to dodge the ticketman because of how expensive the fares are (we’ve all done it lets be honest mate)! I feel like The Riot Vans have seriously found their sound now, with their previous tracks such as ‘Memory Lane’ and ‘Blazin’, they are making a stomper of a imprint to the Glasgow Punk scene, and are one of my favourites!

“If you’ve ever had a problem with the nations railway service, we’re here for ya x” – The Riot Vans.


Listen to the track below now!


Facebook: The Riot Vans

Twitter: @TheRiotVans

Instagram: theriotvans

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