Sheffield based SKRUFF releases new single ‘The Juggler’ which challenges society’s views on mental health.

‘The Juggler’ is an outstanding track from Sheffield based SKRUFF! The solo project from Joe who is the guitarist in Nottingham based band ‘JupiterMoon’. Joe tackles vital messages about societies views on mental health within the track.

‘The Juggler’ opens with a strong drum beat mixed with some background guitar noise to create a haunting effect. Shortly later the synth comes in creating more emphasis on the tone of the track. Filled with various guitar riffs and strong drums the track from SKRUFF creates a vital story about mental health.

Joe said “It is a very honest piece around my mental health and how I used to spiral. Mental health in young people is something I’m really passionate about. I want to get the message across that it’s
okay not to be okay and even when living in hell, we can create beautiful things”.

You can tell that Joe has carefully thought out everything to do with the track. The artwork paints the perfect picture of how it can feel when you struggle with mental health and more importantly SKRUFF shows that it is ok to struggle with mental health.

I can’t wait to see what is next from SKRUFF. Keep up to date with his social media:


Instagram: @skruff_band

TikTok: @skruff_band

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