Indie rock band, Maystones discuss their first release, recording an EP during lockdown and how a drunken train ride home led to completing the band’s line up…

by Chelsea Ness

This week, I caught up with Bishop’s Stortford five piece indie rock band, Maystones to find out more about how they formed, their debut release and staying productive in lockdown. Have a read below…

How did you guys form?

So, us two (Steve, drummer and Zac, guitarist) have been mates since we were little and always had thoughts about making a band. We found Ash, our bassist, first through putting an advert out in the local music store. James was a mate from the local area (Bishop’s Stortford) who we managed to get in on vocals. Then Steve actually met Dec worse for wear on the last train home from a party, got chatting and invited him down to a practice. We’ve been together ever since. 

You guys are based in Bishop’s Stortford, what’s the music scene like there?

There’s definitely a bit going on in the music scene. There are a few upcoming bands locally, but they all lean to the indie side of things. Our sound is different in how we go for big, solid guitar music; we definitely offer something different to what’s going on around us. There’s a couple good venues about, the half-moon particularly is a local favourite for us. 

Your first release Alcascini is out now, what was the influence from the track and is there a particular message you wanted the song to represent?

Going into writing the song there was no particular sound or influence we had in mind. It was all about creating a big, opening track for our EP and gigs to make an impact and get them moving in the right direction. There is no real particular message to the track, it’s definitely one you take more at face-value. Other songs on the EP and later releases have more to say for themselves message wise.

Who were your musical influences growing up and what drew you to them?

Its always been guitar music for us, growing up there was always acts like Kasabian and Kings of Leon on in the car. Our first big influence would have to be the Arctic Monkeys, particularly when they dropped AM in 2013. Being 13 at the time it was the first big rock album we really got into, and ultimately was what got Zac picking up a guitar in the first place. We loved the tunes, but also really fell for the aesthetic of the band.  

You are due to release your EP ‘Talk It Over’ next month, what track are you most excited for listeners to hear? 

It would have to be the title track ‘Talk It Over.’ Its got a big chorus on it, some tasty guitar solos and spreads a really important message. Everyone who has listened to the EP so far always seems drawn to it as their favourite. We’re buzzing to get it out there and see how it does.

How has it been recording an Ep in lockdown?

Originally frustrating as we had to keep pushing dates back with lockdowns and so on. On reflection though its actually worked out well for us. Its given us that extra time to really get things sorted for our upcoming releases, putting a plan together for each one to try and get the most out of them as we can.

What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve played and why?

There’s two really. The first time we played the Cambridge Junction always sticks in the mind as our first experience of a big stage and reasonably big crowd. The other is a gig we played down the Half Moon in Bishop’s Stortford. We had a class turn out and gave our best performance to date. Every gig we play we seem to get better so we can’t wait to get back out there.

What venue are you most looking forward to playing when gigs return? 

To be honest we are just looking forward to getting out and playing again, wherever that is. Having said that we are buzzing for when we next get down the Cambridge Junction. Our live performance has got so much better since the last time we played it and we can’t wait to get back in there and do it properly.

If you could play any festival next year, what would it be?

A slot on one of the introducing stages at Reading would have to be the choice. Having all been to the festival a few times, getting to play there would be real special. 

What plans and ambitions do you have for the band in the future?

Right now, our plans are to knuckle down and carry on churning out new releases to get our name out there as far as possible. Then hopefully we can follow this up with plenty of summer gigs if the powers that be allow it. There’s no ceiling on our long-term ambitions for the band, we just want to work hard, release some good tunes and have a blast playing shows. Hopefully with a bit of luck we can make something big out of it and take Maystones to the top.  



TWITTER – @MaystonesUK

INSTAGRAM – @maystonesofficial

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