“Days”: the First Single from Laura Elizabeth Hughes’ Lockdown Project

By Tresca Mallon

Preceding the release of her Lockdown Project, EP “We, Myself and I” on the 5th March, Irish Singer Songwriter Laura Elizabeth Hughes has released the melodically splendid “Days.”

Laura has had a busy two years, releasing multiple EPs and the recent success of her 2020 single Pandemonium, which has reached 80,000 streams since May. She was named by the Irish Times as one of “10 Acts to See Before They Are Famous.”

Speaking about Days, Laura said it was “a step at confronting the nothingness routine that hit when I was out of work for 4 months. It’s repetitious, a choral of my own voice, my own thoughts, day in and day out. It’s the losing sense of time. It’s that limbo between Christmas and before New Year’s but in the middle of May. It’s all work and no play freneticism.” Her E.P “We, Myself and I” was a challenge she set for herself to confront the solitude and the directions in which that sent her mind.

Conceived and recorded in the Summer of 2020, it is not difficult to find the influence of the lockdown on “Days.” The pleasantly repetitive hook perfectly captures the Groundhog day-esque feeling that has characterised the last year for most of us. While particularly poignant for the current climate, I believe its relevancy will transcend this moment and time as the song ultimately feels hopeful rather than just listless. If you are a fan of Laura Marling, Gabrielle Aplin and Orla Gartland then you will love Laura. This will be the perfect song to play with a few drinks in the garden when the sun returns this summer!

To be sure to catch the release of new E.P “We, Myself and I” on 5th March, check out Laura’s socials below!

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