Single Review: Crystal Tides – Headcase

It seems the only way is up for indie, alt-pop quartet Crystal Tides. They have been releasing music since 2018, however 2020 saw their music gain national UK airplay (Virgin Radio, Radio X, Amazing Radio). Their prolific releases have earned them a growing fan base all over the UK, whilst proving that they are undoubtedly a band that we should keep on our radar. Their new track Headcase is a further example of the band’s talent and their ability to create truly smashing indie music.

From the outset, it is clear that this is a song that fuses together the power of rock and indie music with undertones of pop. George Regan and Harry Knowles present an undercurrent of repeating bass and electric guitar which quickly reach an explosive crescendo in the song’s chorus. Joe Knights carries this transition through his expert drumming, which carefully navigates and tightens the track. This accompanies emotive vocals from lead singer Billy Gregory, whose meaningful lyrics describe the experience of trying to escape a toxic relationship that is not destined to lead anywhere.

The energy that is spilled into every second of Headcase promises that this is a track that will go down a storm when Crystal Tides can eventually play it live. I for one certainly want to be there when that day comes!

Headcase will feature on Crystal Tides’ forthcoming EP ‘Eat Your Words’, which is due to be released on the 28th of May TBC.

Keep up with Crystal Tides via their socials:

Facebook – @crystaltidesband 

Twitter – @crystaltidesuk

Instagram – @crystaltidesband

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