Yianna from Southampton’s very own Artemis discusses the band’s latest single, Kingdom, playing at the 02 Islington and being in an all women’s post punk band

by Chelsea Ness

Southampton’s very own alt rock / post punk band, Artemis are making waves within the local music scene with the release of their latest single, Kingdom. I caught up with Yianna to discuss how the band formed, the influence behind Kingdom and what advice she has to any young female musicians starting out in the music industry…

1. How did the band form? 
We all study a music performance course at Solent university. The original idea came from Fenella who approached me at one of our university assessments. After that, we both reached out to Hannah and Frankie who also performed that evening and thus Artemis came about! 

2. How would you describe your music to new listeners? Definitely energetic, catchy and meaningful! I always say give our music a listen because even if it’s not your style we might surprise you! 

3. Who were your musical influences.. growing up and what drew you to them?
I think we’re mostly speaking to everyone when we say we were all drawn to the influence of Paramore. On top of that I would say The Runaways, Tonight Alive, Yonaka etc. 

4. Your latest single, Kingdom was released in December, what’s been the general reaction?
The support we have received has been amazing! So many people are still streaming our track and we’re so thankful to everyone. 

5. Was there a particular message that you wanted the track to represent? 
Kingdom overall talks about the idea of being trapped and people around you trying to break you down from your success. With the chorus turning to a motivational message. A message meaning, they can try their best to cut you down but with your own belief you can continue to succeed. 
When I wrote the lyrics to this song I was in a place where I found that a lot of people weren’t giving their support into what we were doing.  I wanted this song to come across to people as a song they can listen to when they’re feeling a bit down due to other people’s opinions or arguments. 

6. What’s been your most memorable gig so far and why?
We all agree that O2 Islington was an amazing experience and such an energetic gig. Not only by our performance but by the audience as well. There was so much support and interaction between us and the audience, definitely a gig we won’t forget. 

7. As an all-female band, what advice would you give to young female musicians starting out in the industry? We would definitely say always be kind to everyone as what you give, you will get back. Definitely go to shows and support other bands, the best way to start is by networking! You never know after chatting to a few people you might also get a gig! 
We would also strongly say don’t let anyone get you down if comments are made to you for being a female artist! We’ve received comments before and all we can say is Just show them what you can do!

8. You are based in Southampton, what’s the music scene like there?
Southampton has an amazing music scene, all of us girls chose to attend Solent University for one of those many reasons. The fact Southampton holds so many local music venues, some which have become our regular gigging spots. Such as The Joiners, Heartbreakers and The 1865. 

9. What are your aims and ambitions as a band for the future? We really just hope to get out gigging again! We miss it so much. We would also love to gig with bigger bands! We do have a festival at the end of the year with Vesterbro Rock Fest in Denmark which is super exciting! 
We also plan on realising a track later on in the year which you have to keep your eyes out for! 

Make sure you check out the band’s social media below..

Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/ArtemisUKBand

Instagram – https://instagram.com/artemisukband

Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGBgFu3PeDNf_GhQMy6UAAg

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