Top Releases of the Week (21st – 28th Feb)

by Chelsea Ness

Track 1: Sienne – We All Look To The Same Sky

Liverpool alternative rock four piece, Sienne have been keeping fans in awe during lockdown with numerous releases over the last year and their newest single, ‘We All Look To The Same Sky’ proves this is a band that are just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. The single is the last track from their debut EP which certainly leaves listeners wanting more! The catchy melody flows beautifully with lead singer, Calan Nickle’s soothing vocals and the unique guitar hooks. The track is a little slower than previously releases showing a different side to their usual rockier approach highlighting the variety in talent that Sienne have to offer. Make sure you check out the track now…

Track 2: John Rush – Maybe It’s True (Darlin, It’s you)

If there was ever a musician who’s voice has the power to completely remove you from reality it’s John Rush. His intimate vocals are like no other and totally grip listens throughout. He’s got the type of vocals that automatically puts a smile on your face. His latest release, ‘Maybe It’s True (Darlin, It’s You) will leave you certainly leave you an emotional wreck (in a good way), not only from the beauty in his voice but with his touching lyrics. This piano based ballad will take you on an adventure through love, happiness and realisation all within four minutes. The new single is a more stripped back version to previously releases but ultimately highlights his true musical talents.

Track 3: The Sunflower Thieves – Don’t Mind The Weather

The Sunflower Thieves are a new discovery for us here at The Music Files but when I first heard, Don’t Mind The Weather I was instantly a fan. Their delicate yet mesmerising vocals soar over the gentle acoustics creating a uniqueness so rare, you’ll be gripped from the opening. Despite the band’s name and the track being released in winter, I can imagine listening to Don’t Mind The Weather whilst sitting in the garden, sunglasses on, nursing a nice cold beer – certainly a feel-good, atmospheric track that you do not want to miss!

Track 4: The Deep Shining Sea – Listen Up (You Talk Too Much)

Think The View meets DMAS, The Deep Shining Sea’s latest track, Listen Up (You Talk Too Much) is a natural anthem for any indie fan! The easy flowing melody of the steady drum beats and infectious guitar hooks weaves in perfectly with Stevie’s vocals creating an extremely catchy track that you won’t want to end! I honestly can’t believe this is only the second single from the Paisley trio… can you imagine how much potential The Deep Shining Sea have if this is already the high quality they are producing?! I’m certainly not the only one that can’t wait to see what’s in store for them…

Track 5: The Incarnations – Fly By Night

Fly By Night is the latest release from Aberdeen Indie-rock band, The Incarnations and if you haven’t listened to the four piece yet then we highly recommend you do! Their latest release is the type of track that I can imaging causing havoc in a live setting but for all the right reasons. Energetic guitar riffs, rapid drum beats and addictive vocals, the song has it all! This is another new band discovery for me but after hearing Fly By Night, I will certainly be making a point to find out more about The Incarnations!

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