Premiere: Sienne – We All Look To The Same Sky

Fancy listening to some brand new music before it’s release?! Well you’re in luck as we have Liverpool’s very own indie rock band Sienne’s latest song to share with you all!

If there’s one band that have been keeping busy during lockdown by providing fans with banging tracks after tracks, it’s Sienne and their latest release, ‘We All Look To The Same Sky‘ which is due out this Friday certainly lives up to their standard!

‘We All Look To The Same Sky’ completes the band’s long awaited six track EP debut featuring previously releases including ‘Where Is Home?’, ‘Coming Alive’, ‘Side By Side’, ‘Gone Too Long’ and ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’.

Be the first to listen to the EP in full below…

Make sure you keep up-to-date with Sienne via their social media platforms:

Facebook –

Twitter – @ThisisSienne

Instagram: @ThisisSienne

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