Meet the Bands: Steady Rollin

WHO? Benjamin Andrade, Gerardo Pardo and Fernando Poma all make up Steady Rollin all the way from El Salvador

GENRE? Rock and Blues

FOR FANS OF: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Foo Fighters

WHY WE ARE DIGGIN THEM: It’s clear the band have a huge passion for not just their music but the lyrics they sing about. Considering english isn’t their first language, it’s incredible how well their lyrics resonate with their fans from all over the world.

THE MUSIC FILES’ FAVOURITE TRACK: I Feel Alive… electrifying guitar hooks, strong catchy vocals and an easy flowing melody, I Feel Alive emphaises just how talented Steady Rollin are, with not only their deep lyrics but also their writing talents within their music. I Feel Alive reminds me of the soft americana rock from the 90s, think Pearl Jam meets Foo Fighters. The guitar solo at the end concludes the song incredibly well and I can imagine the entire crowd being completely lost in their music at one of their live shows.

THE MUSIC FILES’ FAVOURITE LYRICS: When it’s time to rest, I’ll have done my best’ – When the Judgement Comes

GIG / CAREER HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND: ‘Performing in the pro bono concert produced by TV Station 33 from El Salvador to donate toys for children from rural local communities, the official release of Love & Loss album in El Salvador, International official release of Love & Loss album in Bogota, Colombia.  The performance in H.E.L.P. Music Festival coproduced with ESEN Business School in order to collect scholarships funds for students of that prestigious business school.  Being the opening band for Stick Men and Mark Cross’ concert in El  Salvador. Stick Men and Mark Cross is formed by virtuoso musicians such as former members of  King Crimson band, a highly respected 1970’s band.  The Love & Loss Colombia Tour. Performing at Circo – JW Marriott Bogota Hotel, Hard  Rock Cafe Medellin and El Faro Cali. Receiving the “Most voted song in 2017 Award” by Estela Awards Guatemala in  recognition to the incredible support received by its followers during that year. Performing on Jazz Café, a Costa Rican venue where local and international bands showcase their new material.  Playing at the Inter Skylounge – this is a music festival promoted by Steady Rollin in order to support local  musicians. This takes place every winter at the rooftop of the InterContinental San Salvador hotel. ‘


Facebook: @steadyrollinband  

YouTube: SteadyRollinBand  

Instagram: @steadyrollinband  

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