New Light – A haunting lullaby of self reflection released by London duo Charlotte Spiral

By Megan Hughes

New light by London duo Charlotte Spiral is a track for self reflection and self acceptance without being too heavy or somber.

New Light is the latest  single by Londons dark alternative duo Amy Spencer and Avi Barath who, together,  form Charlotte Spiral. The duo wowed listeners and won the respect of critics alike with the release of their debut  EP in February 2020  which is why it is no surprise that their first single of 2021 is nothing short of a trance inducing sirens call. 

The song opens with a piano playing a haunting waltz which is fit for a dream.  The accompaniment is used throughout the song to move the listener as the pair see fit; only ever silencing to make room for a delicate set of strings which encourage the listener to still themselves and listen as Spencer sings ‘when you look to somewhere else your taking steps back’  – a message which feels most personal in the delivery.

The lyrics are very appropriate for the current climate of things as they open with  ‘I want to go to a place where I can dance with you, look you in the eyes’ – perhaps a direct reference to the way digital interaction has taken over the majority of peoples relationships over the last year.  The English duo can be quoted describing the single as ‘about the internal conflict between living in the moment and wishing you were somewhere else’ a topic which many  can relate to with the age of social media which creates an eternal dissonance between how you measure yourself against the life others portray themselves to have; tying in with the inevitable nostalgic and melancholic feelings many shall be experiencing with the global corona-virus pandemic near one year old.

Spencers vocals are enchanting and very light, beautifully complimented by the piano which carries the melody along softly and ensuring an element of warmth and depth is added to the track; meaning – they have avoided the common pitfall of whispering and breathy vocals either sounding cold and hollow or being over shadowed and drowned out by the accompaniment.  

This single hits all the right notes- literally and figuratively. An enchanting concoction of a warm piano; poetic lyrics; beautiful vocals and twinkling accents placed perfectly throughout which enhance every element of the song.

If their title track is anything to go by then it is recommended that you cancel all your plans for April 9th as you shall be busy with a period of self reflection as Charlotte Spiral serenade you through it all with their new EP which launches then.

To find out more about Charlotte Spiral and their new releases you can find them at:

Instagram: @charlottespiral

Twitter: @spiralcharlotte


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