Julian Skiboat – ‘Flowers’ [Single Review]

By Kristoffer Hilmarsson

The 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist, Julian Skiboat, has been giving wings to his latest release ”flowers”. With laid back and lazy melodies Julian wishes, in his own words, to dive into that feeling of it could be worse and we can make it through this.

His debut EP, ‘Nice to meet you’ has garnered over one million streams. I haven’t heard it, and won’t listen to it before writing this review either. I just want to dig into that feeling I first got when heard ”Flowers”. Those tangling little guitar notes, just a few seconds before Julian’s casual indie enunciation hit the speakers and I was hooked. He tells me that he stopped giving flowers to me, but the lofi-swag-beat is there to let me know that he still feels in love.

This is the first time Julian is collaborating with a producer, Peter Kuli, and he for sure deserves some appreciation. The guitars and drums work splendidly in conjunction and let you disappear into the atmosphere that Julian and P. Kuli are creating together. The arrangement lets Julian’s guitar and lyrics grow into a universe that’s nice to escape within. It’s easy and not over-done at all. Just some pure bedroom-indie and who wouldn’t like that?

A bit into the song Julian state that problems seem to happen on repeat before transitioning into a new part of the song with a more up-tempo beat, and I found myself swaying and smiling when Skiboat once again lets me know that he stopped buying me flowers.

Julian’s voice got that easy boyish sound to it and it works perfectly with this track. His lyrics got me when saying that it’s tension in the silence but you act like I’m enough. To me, it reveals the kind-hearted being living in the person he’s singing to, but also putting him in a pathetic, if you may, position, where he is to feel that he is not enough and knows that he’s counterpart doesn’t believe him to be either. That’s just sad and beautiful at the same.

Then Skiboat and P. Kuli proceeds and leaves us with a simple jet delicate outro and I’m off listening to ‘Nice to meet you’ while longing for Julians next single.

It could be worse, couldn’t it?


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