Western Column – ‘Hear Not Say’ [Single Review]

Western Column – ‘Hear Not Say’

‘Hear Not Say’ is the latest single by DIY Glasgow musician and Songwriter Christopher Devine who goes by the alias of Wesern Column. The track is a glorious shoegaze track filled with dreamy pop hooks to carry you along in the sea of reverb. 

The layers upon layers of guitar work really well – all the parts really compliment each other and are used really well to drive the song along in some sections. The song is nice and open and wide for the verses and it all crashes in for the chorus driving the song forward. As with most shoegaze tracks the vocals sit in the mix and are more of a layer rather than the main focal point of the track – Devine’s melancholy vocal melody carries you along nicely and keeps you enticed while you’re being surrounded by a beautifully crafted soundscape of guitar and reverb. 

For this only the third full song Devine has written completely by himself, he has already set a good standard with ‘Hear Not Say’, ‘Shoulder’ & ‘Golde’ and I can’t wait to see what progress he can make with future singles. 

I’ve always had an admiration for DIY acts like Western Column, it can be one of the most painstaking tasks having full control over the creative process from start to finish, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences. ‘Hear Not Say’ for me was a diamond in the rough and makes this job all the more better when you discover acts like Western Column. 




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