‘The Symphony’ – Brand New Single From Static Satellites.

It’s a new year and Static Satellites are back, welcoming us in to the month of February with open arms and a brand new single.

‘The Symphony’ is the latest single and the second track due to feature on their upcoming debut EP, also featuring previously released ‘Fortify’.

Prior to the hellfire experience that was last year, the boys got some studio time in and got down to work alongside the production wizard that is Mark Morrow way back in 2019, so it’s been some time since ‘The Symphony’ was captured in all its brilliance. The strength of the creative relationship between Mark and the band is evidently clear. The mix itself is bursting with rich textures, the reverb in the tightly woven overdubs of bright guitar riffs are layered seamlessly, bringing a notable vibrancy that’s becoming the signature Static Satellites sound.

The recording of the track has been handled with great care and attention, and rightly so, with its meaning to the band. Speaking with Ciaran, he reminds us of its historic significance: “It’s a song that’s been with the band from the very beginning, and is in fact is older than the band itself as it was a song Ross would perform as a solo artist.”. To those who have had the pleasure of seeing them play live, you might recognise ‘The Symphony’ as the song that took pride of place at the end of almost every set.

Lorna Goldsmith and Delilah Niel

One fan reminiscing of their live shows said that hearing ‘The Symphony’ at the end of a set “always sounded massive”, and that “there’s something about that song that really transcends others in a live setting”.

Admittedly, I’m unfortunately yet to experience a Static Satellites gig, but from my experience connecting to this song is as effortless as any other track in their discography thus far. Ross generously offers reflection on an emotional and challenging narrative of love and its hardships, of which many can relate to and can appreciate such gracious lyricism. Such vulnerability in theme almost seems to be protected and supported by Ross’ recognisably deep and strong vocals, as well as a solid rhythm section.

There’s a punch-the-pair chorus worthy of having fans chant it back to the band in a packed-out venue, and one hell of an outro showcasing an explosive and expressive solo.

And just like that, Static Satellites have dropped another screamer of a single.

‘The Symphony’ is out now [5th February 2021]. Find it on Spotify here

Keep up to date with the band on their socials:
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And watch out for the debut EP, due May 2020.

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