An interview with The Shed Project

I caught up with Bolton’s very own DIY band The Shed Project to discuss their adulation at making it into the official charts as part of the Brits & Pieces compilation album as well as the positive results that Twitter’s music community has had in pushing the groups name forward…

I understand ‘The Shed Project’ is a bit of a literal term. Can you tell us a little bit about how the band came to be?
We Formed a Tribute Band called The Attics around 8 years ago in the Attic of a pub. Including current members of the band Roy Karl Vince and John. Eventually Roy and John started to demo their own tunes in Johns Shed After getting around 12 demos we drafted Tim in to make the demos into real songs. The Shed is the Hub of the Activity so hence the bands name.

There is a music community on twitter which is good in helping push artists names to a wider audience. Do you feel it has been a good tool for you as a band?
Twitter and its people have been a revelation! The likes of Gary Prime, Patrick Rowles, Mike Tanner, Sam Shiner etc etc have helped us loads and we can’t thank them enough. They’ve make it all worthwhile.

You featured on the Brits & Pieces compilation which made it into the charts, that must’ve been some feeling. How did it come about for yourselves?
The Brits and Pieces Album was Amazing and Marc is a fantastic guy, he approached us with his vision and we went along with it. The man deserves heaps of credit for what he achieved. We were over the moon when it charted for a band like us to be on that album with so many great bands and artists is an absolute privilege. Thank you Marc at Brits And Pieces.

Lucky Number featured on Brits and Pieces compilation album

I also understand its a bit of a do it yourself project as you handle all the mixing and mastering yourselves. Was that a decision made purely to have full control of your work?
We just want to show people of all ages if you have a passion in life however old or young you are, go for it. We are learning all the time and it’s a buzz that people can follow our progression. We have come a long way in 12 months the best is yet to come. It helps that we all the best of mates too, Amigos without Egos…

Given that, I suspect you have had more time over the past year than maybe other artists have when it comes to producing new content to put out?
Yes the lockdown has helped us in a mad kind of way, its given us time to get our music out there. We would have been happy with just our mates listening to us but the response over the last 12 months has been humbling. We can’t wait to play an actual gig! 

What sort of musical background do each of you have, were any of you part of other projects in the past?
Tim was in a Band in the 90’s but that’s about it until we formed The Attics and that was just a laugh for our mates so no real musical backgrounds we are just fans of music like everybody else.

What does music mean to you on the whole? Both when it comes to your own music as well as getting lost in others?
Music is the soul of life, it makes you happy, sad, it connects people on a global scale. Music is a powerful thing.

I seen you have been teasing fans with pics and clips regarding some new music and remixes. Can you give us some inside info on what to expect and what’s next for the band?
We are currently remixing a tune of ours called ‘One Shot’ with MC Tunes. We have had to delay the release as we want to get it perfect and the mix we did wasn’t quite there but it will be released as soon we are happy with it. As a back up we are going to release a tune called ‘Feel My Love’ so STAY TUNED Shed Heads! Loads of stuff in the Pipeline going forward, exciting times ahead…

One Shot is set to be remixed by Madchester sensation ‘Mc Tunes’

TWITTER: @project_shed

INSTAGRAM: @theshedproject_band

FACEBOOK: @theshedmusic40

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