The Music Files: Ones to Watch 2021

We’re celebrating our first birthday and after a jam-packed year of discovering some of the best bands / musicians in the music scene. we just had to share with you our ones to watch…

Garden Party – selected by Ryan Mcconnell: ‘Their single ‘In The Middle’ is undoubtedly one of my favourite tracks over the last 12 months, a proper earworm and single a long anthem. Tomorrow is the bands only other noted release which too is a tidy little track. It won’t be long before these lads are picked up by radio stations around the country if they continue their form.’

Francesca – selected by Lou Rogers: ‘Italian born Edinburgh based artist Francesca started turning heads in the industry in late 2020 with her self produced  single Liability – bringing late 90s electronic club music into the 2020s it’s clear why her uniqueness makes her a name to keep an eye on! With a new single lined up early this year I’m eager to see what she does next. ‘

Katie Wood – selected by Emily Duff: ‘As a huge fan of David Bowie, I was excited to hear he was a huge inspiration in Wood’s music. With laid-back vocals combined with modern synth beats Wood picks her favourite parts from older classics and current releases to produce an androgonous sound that fits her personal style and provides something grundgy and moody while also being upbeat and dancey.’

Plastic Glass – selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘Plastic Glass separate themselves from just another indie band with their gripping lyrics, colourful riffs and addictive melodies, it’s clear this band are going places so make sure you check them out before the hype. They just write the type of music that leaves an impression on you, by far my favourite band discovery of 2020…

Andrew Bates – selected by Fiona Henderson: ‘I can undoubtedly say that Andrew is a top one to watch for 2021. It is so exciting watching Andrew grow and develop as an artist. With each of his releases bringing something new and exciting, but also something familiar. Everyone I’ve shown Andrews music to has immediately said “that was amazing!”. I am so excited to see how Andrew continues to develop his sound and what absolute anthems I know he’ll produce in 2021.’

Mawpit – selected by Ryan Mcconnell: ‘Cardiff’s Mawpit are a band who have hugely impressed me with a series of neatly composed releases over the past year. They seem to have really honed their sound prior to putting out any music and I can see them steamrolling their way into the limelight. Lead woman Cait’s vocals really push the groups grunge like sound up to the next level. Cittagazze is a standout!’

The Katuns – selected by Lou Rogers: ‘After a video of frontman Adam Frame singing with Tommy from The DMAs went viral , West Lothians The Katuns have been a band eyes from all over the UK have been on . In their fairly short career they have already supported indie heres The Lathums and Shambolics and their debut “Friend Like You” being covered as a track of the year by This Feeling – the band are set for big things this year.’

The Samphires – selected by Emily Duff: ‘An alternative rock band made up of three teenagers, Rosa, Elise and Gemma, the Newcastle-based group have already demonstrated their individual skills as well as their ability to complement eachother. Recently exploring more personal themes in their lyricism, tracks like ‘Papercuts’ and ‘Down’ tug on the heart strings while simultaneously making you want to dance around your room. I’m excited to see what the group can do with 2021.’

Cat Ryan – selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘The Newcastle trio stand out from the crowd with their bright, vibrant, melodic beats which will inevitably put a smile on your face… a band we all need in our lives right now. The perfect band to listen to when sun-bathing out the band with a cold cocktail…the ultimate festival band!’

Hyyts – selected by Fiona Henderson: ‘Hyyts were a duo I discovered towards the end of 2020 and I genuinely couldn’t believe I hadn’t found them sooner. I can’t wait to hear and hopefully one day see, what these guys produce over the next year. Hyyts are at the top of their game and the releases this year have been otherworldly. I’m so excited to see where these guys head in 2021.’

Flechettes – selected by Ryan Mcconnell: ‘Flechettes are another band who out of nowhere hit me with a lasting impression. The young outfit look set to quickly follow in the footsepts of fellow Wigan acts such as The Lathums and Stanleys to success. The town is a proper hotbed of late for guitar bands. Chasing Youth is a sure fire crowd rouser that will undoubtedly create some joyous bedlam on the dancefloor. Pack a brolly, pints will go flying. 

Konner – selected by Lou Rogers: ‘Glasgow newcomer Konner brings the indie pop flare of second album The 1975 with the soul of fellow Scott Joesef. His tracks have been picked up by the likes of BBC Introducing Scotland , Jim Gellatly of Amazing Radio and received a spot on the Spotify editorial playlist “We Are Glasgow” – also with new music on the horizon – 2021 is looking to be a big year for Konner.’

Phibi – selected by Emily Duff: ‘Having released ‘Russian’ Doll’ towards the end of 2020 along with having collaborated with other artists such as Scrannabis throughout the year, Phibi has been working hard to create a range of new music. Primarily an RnB singer-songwriter, Phibi produces tracks inspired by a range of genres from rock to folk to rap which creates a unique sound and demonstrates her proficiency to explore outside of her comfort zone – something that impresses me the most when looking for new music.’

Allan Purvis – selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘Glaswegian singer songwriter, Allan Purvis released my favourite track of 2020 and has been on my radar ever since! His single, Moet was actually one of my top listens of the year on Spotify with it’s breezy acoustics and heart-felt lyrics, it just represents the true talents of Allan as a musician. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this year and if it’s anything like Moet, you certainly won’t be disappointed!’

Dead Pony – selected by Fiona Henderson: ‘ This band massively excites me. After rebranding into Dead Pony, the band have solidified their sound with ’23 Never Me’ which I’ve had on repeat since its release (making me miss being in a dingy-sweaty-smelly venue) I’m super buzzed to hear what these guys produce in 2021. ‘

Check out all the bands / musicians below via our very own Spotify playlist…

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