The Music Files Top Tracks of the Year – Part 3 (no 20 -11)

We continue the countdown of our favourites tracks of 2020… Make sure you view part 1 here and part 2 here.

In no particular order here is numbers 20 to 11…

Number 20: Emma Kelly – Drunk

Released: June 5th

Selected by Orla Brady: ‘It seems only suitable to listen to this track from Emma Kelly with a crowd of friends and a drink in hand. Sadly, that hasn’t been possible over recent months, so I have turned to this song multiple times when I needed a reminder of the good times pre-Covid. Hopefully, next year I will be still listening to this brilliant track under different, and more positive, circumstances.’

Number 19: Andrew Bates – My Love

Released: October 16th

Selected by Fiona Henderson: ‘I have raved and raved about this artist and that isn’t stopping anytime soon. Andrew’s talent blows me away and his unique style and artistic character has me begging for more music. Each song is quintessentially Andrew, yet they’re all so different. I have had My Love. on repeat for months, to me, it’s just perfect.’

Number 18: Shambolics – Sandra Speed

Released: February 14th

Selected by Chelsea Ness:Shambolics were the last band I seen live before the pandemic and this tune had not long been released prior to the gig, a rock anthem that gets the whole crowd going. It’s the type of song you can listen to on repeat and not get sick of, another quality track from the Shams’

Number 17: Stoned Immaculate – Soap

Released: 20th June

Selected by Lauryn Donnelly: There’s a lot I could say about this song, but I’m gonna say one thing – fuckin BASS LINE sir. Always one of the songs I put on while driving, unbelievable tune and EP. Funking amazing’

Number 16: Fake Lips – Rise

Released: September 4th

Selected by Amanda Kilfeather: ‘Working alongside these guys in 2020 has been a real highlight for me. Following their debut early this year, in my opinion, this second single really epitomises and embodies what Gary and Michael are about as people and as a band – standing up and being an advocate for what you believe in, putting in a hard graft, and all whilst having fucking fantastic time doing so. This track never fails to help you feel that little bit taller. I’ve no doubt it’ll continue to motivate the masses in the new year. Can’t wait to see what the next 12 months has in store for this pair.

Number 15: Coco – Last of the Loving

Released: August 4th

Selected by Kieran Cannon:I heard this song on the radio. I liked it a lot. A couple of weeks later, it popped into my head out of nowhere and could I remember anything about it? Could I hell. After a brief moment of despair that it might be The One That Got Away, I managed to retrace my steps and track it down. Result! Honestly, save yourself the hassle and get this added to your playlist right away. I challenge you not to fall for this track. Sweet but not saccharine, the Mellotron-esque melody and slide guitars are a wonderful touch – adding a dash of the nostalgia factor. It scoops you up and takes you back to hazy summer days spent living, laughing and, indeed, loving. Bask in its warm, lo-fi glow and forget everything you know about no-deal Brexit and lorries in Dover.’

Number 14: Quiche – Dazed

Released: January 17th

Selected by Michael Cameron: ‘This song was the single most listened to song on my personal Spotify account this year. With the fantastic Cardboard Sunset EP released right at the beginning of Lockdown, the whole song list, particularly Dazed, helped me through what turned out to be the toughest times I’ve faced in my adult life to date. The lyrics in the chorus – “I don’t feel like myself, and I don’t really like myself. I’m just stranded on the same beach as everybody else…” turned out form quite a literal connection that I felt with my own mental health, working from home, and feeling that void in my chest caused by a lack of live music in my life, as a fan and performer. All I can say is thanks to the guys in Quiche for putting this out when they did, despite the deep and emotional effect the tracks have had on me, they’re also great fun in a happier setting, can’t wait to see them live again’

Number 13: Brownbear – Retro

Released: March 27th

Selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘After a two year break, Brownbear came back with a bang this year with their latest release, ‘Retro’. Rhythmic solid drum beats, soft backing vocals and that jazz influenced guitar riff… all collide beautifully together creating a relaxing aura to the track. It’s one of those songs that can automatically change your mood with it’s summer feel good vibes… definitely in my top tracks of new releases this year!’

Number 12: Logans Close – Lost In You

Released: February 28th

Selected by Lauryn Donnelly: ‘The boys. The harmonies. The DREAMYNESS. It’s no secret that I’m fully obsessed with this lot, and this tune will explain why’

Number 11: The Ninth Wave – Everything will be Fine

Released: 4th December

Selected by Lou Rogers:Only released in early December this is easily in my top ten tracks of the year , a beautiful alt rock synth pop ballad was the perfect way to round out this awful year. I can’t quite explain how this track makes me feel – I just know emotionally it sums up how I feel and all I can really is say thank you to The Ninth Wave’

Make sure you check out our Top Tracks of 2020 Spotify Playlist below…

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