Track of the Week: Cutchy Cash – Different Kinda Christmas

Who? Glaswegian singer songwriter, Cutchy Cash

The Track: Cutchy Cash – Different Kinda Christmas

Released: 18th December

Glaswegian musician, Cutchy Cash has just released his debut Christmas single, ‘Different Kinda Christmas’ and if there was a Christmas song we all needed to hear right now, this is certainly it! The track not only compliments Cutchy Cash’s soulful soothing voice but also lifts some festive spirts with it’s colourful catchy melodies and punchy drum beats. Different Kinda Christmas is the ultimate feel good track that will inevitably put a smile on your face, the lyrics within the song focuses on trying to spread some Christmas cheer despite the challenging times we are currently facing. The main message suggesting that yes it’s not going to be a normal Christmas this year but let’s just appreciate what we have and enjoy what we can! An uplifting cheery festive tune that I guarantee you will be playing on repeat for the next few days!

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