TMF Top Tracks of the Week (9th – 15th December)

Recommendation 1: Before Stories – Born Below the Tide

Taken from their latest EP, The Next Reason to Breathe, Born Below the Tide is an atmospheric anthem with addictive drums, infectious guitar riffs and dark lyrics. Before Stories, based in Aberdeen are made up of Jamie Reid and Colin Brennan who have been making quite the impression within the local Scottish scene. It’s incredible how only two individuals make up Before Stories, you’d honestly think there were at least four members with the amount going on in their music showing just how talented they both are. Make sure you check out Before Stories, if you haven’t already!

Recommendation 2: Night Bus Revival – Brand New Estate

From the release of their latest debut, EP, ‘Tragic Magic’, Brand New Estate is a mesmerising track that will have you hooked from the get-go. British indie rock band, Night Bus Revival bring a new sound to the local scene with their meaningful lyrics and beautiful acoustics and Brand New Estate is just another strong contender from their wide range of tracks. Think Bon Iver meets Father John Misty. We seriously recommend you check Night Bus Revival out, you will not regret it!

Recommendation 3: Midlight – Pandemonium

A new discovery for us here at The Music Files and we are feeling it! London 4 piece, Midnight’s latest release, Pandemonium is a hypnotic, breezy track with influences from Alt-J and Bombay Bicycle Club. Pandemonium takes listeners on a journey with it’s smooth melodies and captivating percussion – certainly a track that stands out! If you haven’t listened to it yet, what are you waiting for?!

Recommendation 4: Post Rome – The Idea of Having a Boyfriend

With their alternative sound and down to earth lyrics, Post Rome are a band who should be on your radar and their latest release, The Idea of Having a Boyfriend is just another example of their high quality song-writing talents. The track is the perfect indie rock track with it’s unique guitar riffs, catchy chorus and powerful vocals. You only need to listen to the song once for it to leave an impact on you…

Recommendation 5:  Marine Anthropology – River to the Cliff

Eli Thayer, Kat Liu and Joseph Wehmeyer all make up indie rock band, Marine Anthropology and are based not only in St Andrews, Scotland but also Washington DC! This is another new discovery for us here at The Music Files but we can confirm we are here for it. River to the Cliff is the opening track to the EP entitled the same name. Dreamy guitar riffs, intriguing lyrics and a wide range of contemporary instrumentals – this track is not like anything you’ve heard before!

Recommendation 6: Model Family – Joan of Arc, Pt 2

Last but by no means least, we urge that you check out alternative rock band, Model Family’s latest release, Joan of Arc, Pt 2. With it’s captivating vocals and uplifting melodies, this is certainly a track we all need in our lives right now.. An incredibly peaceful aura is captured throughout leaving listeners in awe. Listen to this song with your eyes closed, headphones on and the world out to really capture the beauty. Joan of Arc, Pt 2 brought us some inner peace and I’m sure it will for you too! There’s such a uniqueness surrounding Joan of Arc, Pt 2, which makes Model Family so much more than just another indie rock band…

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