The Velvet Lounge & Studio announce charity live stream with Craigie Knowes, Groovement, Voyage & DJCJ

The Velvet Lounge is hosting it’s second instalment of their live sessions, ‘Velvet Sessions’ tonight in aid of raising funds for local charities; The Lighthouse For Perth, a mental health charity & Perth and Kinross Foodbank. After the success of their debut live stream, this is a virtual event you do not want to miss! With the likes of Craigie Knowes, Groovement, Voyage and DJCJ all added to the line up, it’s the perfect electronic fix we all need on this fine Saturday night. So grab a cold beverage, get those speakers turned up and have a Saturday night to remember – all for a great cause!

Co-founder, Hollie Irvine explains a little bit more about the charities and the importance of donating what you can: “We have pulled out all the stops for this live stream once again and we’re doing so to raise money for two incredible local charities. We knew we needed to support a local mental health charity and with The Lighthouse For Perth being a crisis support group their resources and facilities are needed in Perth now more than ever. This year has been incredibly tough for so many people and we cannot afford to lose any more lives. Mental health across the board is at its worst right now and a lot of people would not have managed this year without the support of organisations like this. It’s incredibly important we continue to fund and raise awareness not only to eradicate the stigma that is attached to poor mental health but to show people there’s places they can turn to when they need it. 

Donating to the foodbank alongside that was also very important. Poverty comes in all shapes and sizes and I think people are drastically unaware of how many locals go without.  Whether it’s going hungry throughout highschool just to save up your dinner money for the weekends to kids in our schemes, on our doorsteps, living off crisps and biscuits. Again, if we can even raise awareness over Christmas that there is no stigma attached to using the foodbank services this would be amazing. We are also urging anyone who may have extra this year to take food down if they can afford to do so. 

This one is extremely personal for myself, Jo and everyone who is involved in the night. Be it through knowing someone who has needed to use these services or having had to deal with these issues ourselves.”

We’ll leave you with some wise words from Co-owner, Jo Dalgrie regarding tomorrow night’s event: ‘enjoy the music, dance around the living room, and if within your means, spare a few quid to supporting these vital local charities.

Make sure you tune in via the link from 6pm till late tonight for a night to remember Velvet Sessions #2 | Craigie Knowes, Groovement, Voyage & DJCJ | Facebook

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