Vansleep – Stargazer [Single Review]

The Aberdeen Alt Rock band have been making waves with the release of their impressive EP ‘You Should Have Said Something’. The track ‘Stargazer’ being the last of the three songs to receive a single release from the EP – and I feel like they’ve saved the best to last – the track has such a powerful audacious sound that’ll get you hooked from the first beat to the last. 

‘Stargazer’ opens with a delicate start – a nice soundscape of guitar and vocal, then you’re introduced to the punchy syncopated rhythm provided by the band. The chopping of the drums and the stabbing guitar will get you invested in ‘Stargazer’ that’ll eventually lead into a massive wall-of-sound chorus that hits hard. The change up really drives this song, the aggressive vocal delivered by Kyle countered by a massive – soaring delay laden – lead guitar line. 

Vansleep have put a lot into ‘Stargazer’ with some deep tone’s in the lyrics and the aggressive style in which it’s delivered at points. Looking to “verbalise a sort of revenge against someone or something but are never quite that overt”;

“I tell you baby i’ll never win,
But you do you, you lead me on, 
And you sing the words from a gun,
That’ll shoot straight through my head.”

Even with the dark undertones the lyrics it is still an unbelievably catchy number. There is a perfect balance of light and dark to ‘Stargazer’, from the delicate and emotive sections of the song, combined with the hard hitting chorus and sombre lyrics. You can see a beautiful balance to this track that will leave you amazed. 

With this being the last release by Vansleep in 2020 we’ve just got to look forward to whatever the band will bring to the table in 2021; but if ‘Stargazer’ and ‘You Should Have Said Something’ EP is to go by – 2021 could be a big year for the band.

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