Scottish DJ Will Atkinson live from the Main Arch aftermath…

Scottish DJ and producer Will Atkinson broadcasted an exclusive live set in the Main Arch to celebrate the release of his debut album: ‘Last King of Scotland’ which sold out on CD a few days after its initial release! The trance DJ hosted the live stream event on the 15th November which allowed fans to escape from reality and connect with fellow electronic lovers really showing the power of music especially during these challenging times.

The infamous Arches which is now known as Platform is an incredibly important venue for Will as he reveals the idea behind hosting the live stream there: ‘It only seemed right to take it back inside those hallowed brick walls of The Arches. When I moved to Glasgow from Orkney in 2008, it felt like every other night out ended up here. What started out as a hobby turned into an addiction. The addiction led to an education. A pilgrimage to this clubbing mecca we all know and love. Nowhere could be more fitting. I have to say, I had mixed emotions reading back all the comments. So many stories, experiences, shared by people, tagging their circles of friends, clubbers – bringing all that together felt even more special than the stream itself. And it really brought home just how special The Arches was. An institution in it’s own right. Friendships forged, memories set in stone. There was only one place I could have launched this album. Egypt has the Pyramids. China has the Great Wall. Glasgow has oor Arches.” 

Missed the live performance? Don’t worry, you can catch Will’s incredible performance at The Main Arch here –\

Make sure you keep up-to-date with Will’s future announcements via his social media accounts below…

Facebook –

Twitter: @willatkinsonyes

Instagram: @willatkinson90

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