TMF Top 40 Tracks of 2020 (No 30 -21)

Welcome to part two of The Music Files’ top 40 tracks of 2020. You can view the first part here. In no particular order here is part two…

Number 30: Chris Greig and the Merchants – SHY

Released: February 26th

Selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘The first release of the year for indie pop explosion, Chris Greig and the Merchants and I still can’t get enough of it ten months on… There’s just such a feel-good element within band’s music that will put anyone in a good mood. We can’t wait to see what else the guys have in store next year!’

Number 29: IDLES – Ne Touche Pas Moi

Released: September 25th

Selected by Emily Duff: ‘To me, IDLES are one of the best rock bands of the moment and their album Ultra Mono was much needed this year. Although they always have catchy beats, the lyrics are always hard hitting and I think the morals and message of this track perfectly represents that. ‘

Number 28: Lucia and the Best Boys – Perfectly Untrue

Released: September 11

Selected by Fiona Henderson: ‘I’ve followed and loved Lucia for a while now and I’ve always loved her raw vocals, which are always paired scrumptiously with a chuggy guitar riff and killer melody. Perfectly Untrue felt new. It felt different from their previous songs, but in the best possible way. The song was like nothing i had heard before and i was hooked from the first listen. The melody, the chords, the lyrics, the bass… I could go on. They have truly changed the Glasgow game for me, and I can’t wait to follow this band and see them go from strength to strength. ‘

Number 27: The Royston Club – Mrs Narcissistic

Released: November 13th

Selected by Connor Adam: ‘So glad to have found The Royston Club this year, they mix massive nostalgic indie sounds from the 00’s but give it such a modern twist and sound’s better than any of the mediocre indie bands making the round’s back in the boom of the early 2000’s. It’s somewhere in between The Libertines and early Arctic Monkeys; is throwing back to something a bad thing? Not when it’s as good as this!’

Number 26: Apollo Junction – Sometimes

Released: June 19th

Selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘2020 the year I discovered Apollo Junction, mark my words this is a band who are going places! Sometimes is the right mix of indie rock with a hint of 70s disco making it the perfect banger. One listen is all it takes to get hooked on this band, thank me later!’

Number 25: All Night Dining – There Must’ve Been A Reason

Released: September 25th

Selected by Ryan Mcconnell: ‘A flawless debut single from the Manchester outfit, this track has it all – from its instantly catchy hook to its well layered vocals and subtle indie-pop intricacies. A perfect showing of a band who have put in the hours to hone their sound. Huge potential to go far in today’s scene.’

Number 24: Dead Pony – Everything Is Easy

Released: May 1st

Selected by Lou Rogers: ‘If ABBA were a band during the current Glaswegian Punk Invasion I think they would definitely sound like Dead Pony’s cracker of a track “Everything Is Easy”. This track has been on constantly this year and has been a strong resident in my driving playlist!’

Number 23: Split Milk – Moving Target

Released: May 1st

Selected by Emily Duff: ‘This song was a key to my soundtrack for the first lockdown. A local band for me based in Newcastle, I’ve always loved their passion and I think they’ve done great stuff this year with their regular Split Milk Sessions and other work despite the Covid situation.’

Number 22: Ranzas – Sunshine

Released: April 24th

Selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘Released during lockdown, Sunshine was my happy place track. The one song that would instantly put a smile on my face despite being in the middle of a global pandemic. Powerful vocals, a popping bassline and vibrant melodies – what more could you want?’

Number 21 – The Rosadocs – Run Away Instead

Released: November 13th

Selected by Ryan Mcconnell: ‘This track is an absolute standout from everything that has been released this year, right up my street personally. There is shades of The Enemy both in the vocal delivery and fast-paced nature of the song. Ready-made anthem for the live circuit. I look forward to hopefully catching them live in the near future to go tonto for this song alone.’

Have a listen to these tracks plus more via our playlist below…

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