An Interview with Beks

This week we caught up with pop singer songwriter, Beks to discuss being an Australian artist, her latest releases and her music being played on the radio! Find out more about Beks below now…

1. When did you first discover your love for music and who were your musical influences growing up? 
When I was a toddler, my parents ran a pub in Yandaran, and I lived in a motel room above the pub. I’d fall asleep to classic Aussie rock that would play downstairs in the pub like Midnight Oil, Hunters and Collectors, Crowded House, that’s my earliest recollection of music being present in my life. After that we moved to Bundaberg where I studied ballet, tap and jazz. I was never as flexible as the other dancers but would always win the ‘Song and Dance’ championship. I was also a member of the local Country Music Club, travelling around and competing in music musters and then as a teenager I went on to sing and perform in church groups (which didn’t last long). I moved away from music to become and actress and returned at 25 yrs old and learned the drums and went on to record and perform music as Bec and Ben. Then I learned guitar and made RACKETT, and now I’m here, making pop!

2. How would you describe your music to new listeners? It’s just hit 2am and you’re charging on the dance floor!

3. How would you describe the Sydney music scene? 
Pubs or drag bars. As I came back from touring Japan in November, 2019 I didn’t get much of a window to perform live in Australia before COVID hit. What I did notice is that I’m starting all over again and realising that most of the venues in Sydney where I’d perform as RACKETT were geared almost exclusively towards punk rock bands, being that I now make pop I really had to find a whole new scene. That’s what led me to performing in drag bars and community LGBTQIA+ venues like Pride of Our Footscray in Melbourne. For me, these are the most fun venues and I’ve been blessed to be welcomed into this space and to be part of the community. 

4. You have recently released your latest single, ‘Stars in My Eyes’, is there a particular message / meaning behind the song? 
Yeah, so when I went into the session with Tasker, we came in empty, blank canvas style and I’d just broken up with someone which is always good fuel for a song. The reason for our breakup is that I’m obsessed with music and have little time for a personal life and I ended it with saying, “I had stars in my eyes (for my music)”. I came into the session with that line in my head; “Stars in My Eyes”, and built the verses out with the story; “Big dreaming, 360 degrees” means obviously I got a big dream, but at the cost of being alone most of the time, I was in and out of the relationship in 12 weeks (the longest relationship I’ve had for 3yrs). “Spinning in and out of ok you just watch me pull a crazy” it’s like I’m in it with this person, totally wrapped up and gooey and then all of sudden I spot an opportunity or hear a melody and get tunnel vision for it. 

5. Do you have a particular place where you write your music and do you have a certain process when it comes to songwriting? I’ve adapted to writing anywhere and with new people. Co-writing has been my biggest thing lately, I’ve been writing with Clara Fable, Taka Perry, Xira, Sad Boii, Jim Eliot, Kim Moyes (The Presets), Korkey Buchek, Airports, Luke McChesney (Everchange), Muki, No Frills Twins, Beamish Bros, Doolie +++. The process is so rewarding because you have to bear all your scars and be vulnerable and share what’s happening that you need to express in your life with someone you’ve just met. It’s amazing after 4 hrs writing and talking about your trauma’s you’ve got this 3 min banger that bonds you with the people you write with. 

6. Triple J has quoted your music as ‘“Big and bold and ready to join my playlist” – How does it feel reading that one of the biggest radio stations in Australia are fans of your music? 
Oh look it’s pretty rad tbh. It’s a little extra drop of validation that it’s as good as I think it is after listening to it in my bedroom 1000 times before it’s finally out. ‘The Thing About Us’ (out Dec 11th) just got added to Nova Coles Radio which means it’ll be spinning across 800+ stores throughout Christmas which is so bloody exciting! 

7. Your next single, ‘The Thing About Us’ is due to be released on the 11th December, what can fans expect from the new release? 
My expectation or hope for how these will make people feel is to dance! It’s pure dance pop; synth, four to floor beats and a strong message about self liberation and personal identity. I just wanna hear it in a club at 2am blasting to a dance floor, that’s where it belongs.

8. What advice would you give to new musicians just starting out in the scene? My advice would be determine if music is a hobby or a career. If it’s a career then make it clear what you’re making and for what audience. Research and really listen to what’s out there before you start then write! Write at least 30 songs before you even consider recording them then have a plan on how you’re gonna get it out there. For me, I’ve spent nearly 7 yrs test driving different sounds and genres to land me here, making pop and the best music of my life, so yeah, if you’re starting out probably don’t do what I did and get yourself closer to your dream genre. 

9. What are your aims and ambitions for the next year as a musician? 
My aim is to release my mixtape I’ve been working on since September 2020 with a new track every six weeks. I want to get to know my fans better and keep writing music everyday. I want to go to LA and Berlin, so I’m currently living like a nomad, out of my car to save for that. I want to understand music more and deepen my connection with others through my stories. I want to perform again the most, god I miss that so much! 

Make sure you check out Bek’s social media platforms below…


Instagram: @hi_im_beks

Twitter: @hi_im_beks

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