Our Top 40 Tracks of 2020 (No.40- 31)

If you had told us this time last year that all live music would be cancelled for the majority of this year, we wouldn’t have believed you but despite the year taking an unexpected turn with the Covid-19 pandemic no-one can deny the incredible amount of talent that has poured out of the UK local music scene this year. Hundreds of brand new quality tracks have been released this year and we can’t wait to tell you our top 40 over the next few weeks.

In no particular order here is our first part of The Music Files Top 40 Tracks of 2020…

Number 40: Vansleep – Acid Weather

Released: April 3rd

Selected by Lou Rogers: ‘Aberdeen based Vansleep were one of the last bands that I saw live before lockdown , this song reminds me of how special that night was and not to take gigs for granted in the future’

Number 39: Neon Waltz – Strung Up

Released: March 27th

Selected by Connor Adam: ‘Strung Up first graced my ear’s at a festival performance; even with some technical issues with the sound Neon Waltz still played through it and delivered such a mesmerising performance as always. I’ve shared a bill on numerous occasions and they are an absolute powerhouse when it comes to their live act! I’m really looking forward to seeing what Neon Waltz bring to the table in 2021. ‘

Number 38: Plastic Glass – Let Me Know

Released: April 10th

Selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘Perhaps my favourite track of the year, catchy feel good bops with intriguing lyrics… what more could you want?’ Sunderland based band, Plastic Glass were one of the first bands I featured within The Music Files and it’s incredible to see how far they’ve come. A band that will just get bigger and bigger.

Number 37: The Snuts – Elephants

Released: June 11th

Selected by Alana Strange: ‘Of course my number one track of 2020 had to be Elephants by The Snuts. Spotify Wrapped will back me up on this one, making it my most played song this year. I’ve got a huge love for this track as it always puts me in an upbeat mood. I’m really looking forward to the day I can get on the Firewater dancefloor and attempt the dance for this. Who is joining me?’

Number 36: Fauves – Bathe

Released: April 24th

Selected by Orla Brady: ‘I can’t begin to estimate the number of times I’ve listened to Bathe this year, but every time I do, I notice a new, intricate aspect. I love how layered the song is, it almost feels like 3 tracks split into separate acts. I only wish I’d been able to hear it live but I doubt Fauves are going anywhere anytime soon, so I’m hopeful. 2020 has been a brilliant year for them and I expect even more success for them in the future.’

Number 35: Phoebe Marshall – If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?

Released: June 26th

Selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘Think Taylor Swift meets Lorde. If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed captures the beautiful vocals of Phoebe Marshall within this incredibly moving poptastic track. The track focuses on a recent break-up and the over-thinking that comes with it creating a personal touch that listeners can relate to. A immensely talented musician with a bright future.’

Number 34: Zoe Graham – Know By Now

Released: September 25th

Selected By Lou Rogers: ‘Taken from her EP released this year “Gradual Moves” – “Know By Now” is a beautiful electro bedroom pop that would sit perfectly in an indie coming of age movie.’

Number 33: Lucia & The Best Boys – My God

Released: January 31st

Selected by Connor Adam: ‘Lucia & The Best Boys just seem to keep going from strength-to-strength this year. However the Eternity EP by Lucia & The Best Boy’s has been on a constant repeat for me over the long lockdown month’s. ‘My God’ in particular has been a stand out for me this year; it’s 80’s, it’s dark and it’s everything I love about a song!’

Number 32: Connor Fyfe – War

Released: March 13th

Selected by Alana Strange: ‘My second song pick of 2020 is War by Connor Fyfe. I first discovered Connor’s music, when he supported The Snuts at the King Tuts back in March. Right after the gig I gave his debut album ‘Don’t’ a listen and fell in love with the track ‘War’ There’s a lot of passion in the song and I’m really looking forward to hearing this one live next year. ‘

Number 31: Craig-Russell Horne – CONTROL

Released: February 7th

Selected by Chelsea Ness: ‘This absolute banger of a tune will have you on your feet in seconds. The ultimate feel-good track to set you up for the new year. Electronic DJ and producer, Craig-Russell Horne naturally hooks in listeners with his melodic synths and impressive vocals. This is a name you’ll be hearing lots in 2021.’

Have a listen to the tracks below via our Spotify Playlist:

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