Top Releases of the Week (22nd – 30th November)

Find are our favourite new releases of this week that you just have to check out below!

Recommendation 1: EJ Mann – It’s Automatic

Strong husky vocals and catchy electronic guitar riffs are the key ingredients to this incredible rock anthem by EJ Mann. Listen to It’s Automatic once and we can guarantee you will be HOOKED. Think Foo Fighters meets The Black Keys… those addictive melodies that will be stuck in your head for days! EJ Mann creates an exciting new style within the world of rock with this new track and we simply can’t get enough.

Recommendation 2: Sam Wickens – Strange.24

Soulful indie singer songwriter, Sam Wickens’ new release, Strange.24 captures the real issues of battling a mental illness and the acceptance of recovering from it. It’s a inspirational track that a lot of listeners will be able to relate to. The beauty in Sam’s vocals create a calming aura throughout the single making the song extremely therapeutic to listen too. Strange.24 is full of emotion from start to finish not only through the lyrics and vocals but also through the gentle but captivating melodies. Sam is a new discovery for us at the Music Files but we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us!

Recommendation 3: Hello Cosmos – Dream Harder

Manchester based band, Hello Cosmos are a band unlike any other! From powerhouse drums to a viola from synths to electrifying guitars, this band covers it all and their latest single, Dream Harder is no different. Strong vocals spoken with a lot of truth merging with electronic melodic synths to rhythmic drum beats, Dream Harder is a fresh opener of what’s to come from their latest album with the same name title. Think Enter Shikari meets Slaves. Make sure you play it LOUD.

Recommendation 4: Never Now – R Honey

Fan of Oasis and Stone Roses? Well you will love Never Now’s latest track ‘R Honey’. Straight from the get-go, the quirky bass line and electrifying guitar hooks reel listeners in. This catchy track is the ultimate feel-good track about getting over an ex – ‘I know you’re gone but I keep on moving on‘ – R Honey is about always looking on the bright side and what better way to start your weekend with such a wholesome anthem! Another new discovery for us here at The Music Files but we’re so glad we managed to discover them before they hit the big time.

Recommendation 5: Sophia – Skin

Newcastle based singer songwriter, Sophia’s latest release, Skin will leave you with goose bumps. The pop track emphasises Sophia’s angelic vocals that are filled with emotion throughout. The lyrics: ‘I don’t love you when I fall asleep’ highlights a break-up yet there’s something very therapeutic about Skin that suggests gaining closure. The acceptance of any break-up is difficult yet Sophia captures it so well within Skin. It’s not just the beauty within her vocals that grips listeners but her ability to display her emotions within the track so well. Big things to come for this incredibly talented artist.

Recommendation 6: Cat Ryan – Mary Shelley Song

Newcastle trio, Cat Ryan’s latest release Mary Shelley Song does not disappoint with its intricate guitar riffs and catchy colourful melodies. There’s a reggae summer vibe within the track that certainly makes the band stand out from the rest of the crowd. That easy listening sort of style that is always a pleasure to discover. This is the third release of the year from Cat Ryan and with all three tracks producing the same level of high quality indie bangers, we can’t wait to see what else the band have in store for us next year!

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