Single Review – TV People: String

by Myrren Porter

Emerging Dublin indie punk group TV people contemplate the harsh realities of life by reflecting drug addiction and destructive behaviours in their new single ‘String.’

Collaborating with Dan Doherty of Darklands Audio and Abbey Roads Christian Wright, the Irish four-piece are creating a name for themselves as the latest talent to transpire out of Dublin. The group base their sound on an engulfment indie/rock with a twinge of garage infused punk. Despite only forming 2019, TV People have performed vastly across the live scene, building a momentum already as one of the most encouraging bands in the country.

Frontman Paul Donohoe describes the groups newest single as a reflection of his past experiences with drug use and self-destructive coping mechanisms. The single addresses social issues and the effects of substance addiction because of poor mental health, all while accompanied by music and lyrics that are infused with creativity and style. 

Donohoe said: “The line between having a good time and seriously damaging your mental health isn’t always clear. Self-destructive behaviour is normalised even encouraged. I’ve seen a lot of people around me go through it.

…The song is about the feelings of hopelessness, regret and frustration that I’ve felt in the past when I’ve been stuck in that situation and the damage that they do to your mind over time.” 

‘String’ follows hot on the heels of previous releases ‘Nothing More,’ ‘Kitchen Sinking,’ and ‘Time Eats up’ which premiered earlier in 2020. 

The track features an extremely prominent base line throughout the song’s entirety, accompanied by cleverly worked lyrics that although dealing with serious issues, don’t seem out of place and are not overly dull considering what the song is actually about. 

TV people’s attention to musical detail is illustrated in this single, while maintaining their punk persona. 

Lyrically, ‘String’ explores feelings of hopelessness and feeling lost- emotions almost everyone has experienced during 2020, making the track extremely relatable to audiences. The single also features exceptionally slowed guitar works, all accompanied by the constant base meriting the band being compared to The Editors and Interpol. 

If you haven’t already, give these guys a listen. 

Check out the band via their social media platforms below…


Twitter: @tvpeople_band

Instagram: @tvpeopleband

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