An Interview with Four Crooks

This week, we caught up with West-Midlands indie four piece outfit, Four Crooks to find out more about their latest EP, Black Magic, their writing process and their next gig at the 02 Academy in Birmingham which will hopefully go ahead next year…

1. How did Four Crooks form and how would you describe your music to new listeners? We’ve been playing together in different bands for a few years but not known each other personally. We finally decided to come together and start a band after a chance meeting at a gig which had gone a bit Pete Tong. 

2. Who are your musical influences growing up? Growing up we listened to a lot of the normal stuff around at the time. I think as we’ve gotten older our interests have diversified a lot. We never try to imitate but definitely take inspiration from everywhere we can. 

3. You recently released Black Magic EP consisting of three tracks – What’s your favourite track out the three? Paranoia always goes down really well at gigs. It’s a bit of a secret weapon. One that grows into its own thing when played live, we managed to tame it a bit on the EP version. 

4. We are loving ‘Feel Alright’ – is there a particular meaning / message behind the track and if so what? It’s about a breakup with someone who is no good for you. Whether that be abusive, controlling or just plain toxic. Having the strength to realise that and come out the other side the better person for it, with your head held high. 

5. Do you have a particular writing process or is it something that just comes naturally? Often it feels like the songs are already there and we’re just trying to uncover them. Sometimes it can be a bit more of a measured process but generally the best ones are really quick to write. 

6. Your next show (fingers crossed) is scheduled for February next year at the O2 Academy, Birmingham – what was it like the last time you played there and what can fans expect this time around?  We had a really good crowd last time. Hoping for the same again. We’ve got a load more new material to try out and a few surprises in store. It’s something we’re all very much looking forward to. A light at the end of the tunnel if you will. 

7. What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve played so far? There were a few questionable ones early on. We once got paid a rider consisting of 4 glasses of milk for playing. Rock n Roll. 

8. What advice would you give to musicians / bands who are just starting out in the scene? Just focus on doing your own thing. As long as it sounds good to you and you’re doing it for the right reasons, everything else will come. 

9. You’ve previously been played on BBC Music Introducing Radio station how did it feel to hear your music getting played in such a iconic radio station? Its always an amazing feeling to have our music played by the BBC in any capacity. They’ve been really good to us, supporting from very early on. We’re planning to do a live session for them in the new year. 

10. Our blog is based in Scotland – do you have any future plans to play here and if so what venue would you like to play? We’d love to, why not go big and say The Barrowlands. One day maybe who knows

Follow the band via their social media platforms below


Twitter: @fourcrooksband

Instagram: @fourcrooks

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