The Pylons – Grumble [Single Review]

By Connor Adam

This indie five-piece makes cutting through the noise of London’s bustling music scene look easy with their undeniably pop’y hooky lyrics, immersive sound that the band can produce and undeniably comical music videos that’ll leave you in love with the band. The Pylons with an already impressive run of singles under their belts and exposure in the form of BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 airtime you could say the band now have the accolade of one of London’s best up-and-coming indie act’s.

Their latest single ‘Grumble’ is a perfect example of a band that are ready to hit the charts. It has a level of professionalism that you’d hear in bigger signed artists; there is such depth and breadth to the song it’s so easy to get lost in it. 

The Pylons in true pop fashion introducing us to the hook of the song very early on – also taking heavily from the same melody as the first two lines of the songs – will have you singing “Stop, start, drop fast, Are you ready to go?” before you even realise you’re singing it. ‘Grumble’ has such an infectious feel good vibe, but also contrasts perfectly with some very moody lyrics at point’s. With the both combined leaves you with some sort of perfectly balanced uplifting and moving arrangement, fitting perfectly to the brief of the song which is; “around the idea of voicing discontent, detailing a snapshot of reality from the perspective of the underdog”.

The band’s influences are clearly shown in ‘Grumble’ with the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club or Foals coming through with an immense dancy groove provided by the bass and drums, beautifly layered harmony guitars filling in. And there’s also a trumpet in there for good measure. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing what this band will put out in the future. The Pylons have a festival ready sound for next year and with the anthemic single’s already out there in the forms ‘Grumble’, ‘Leaving’ and ‘Feel Good’ ready for the big stages of festival season next year. 

Find The Pylons at any of the link’s below;

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