Single Review: Death By Piano – Nightwalk

Brooklyn based duo Death By Piano comprised of Kalen on vocals/keyboard and producer/instrumentalist Greywolf have released a trilogy of singles this year with the last single ‘Nightwalk’ being released on the 23rd of October.

With contrasting vocals, eery synths and electronic beats ‘Nightwalk’ really showcases Death by Piano’s ability to do what they do best and lead us through a atmospheric story with their lyrical and musical talent. 

Following on from the acclaimed Emergency and Newer Light the band say: “‘Nightwalk’ is sort of an answer to ‘Emergency’. Before things are about to blow, it’s an effort to air our grievances. A vesper turned midnight dance tune. An effort to get to Newer Light by dawn and put the past to sleep…….”

Death By Piano have been gigging and playing the underground around New York relentlessly since forming in 2017 which has grown them an impressive Grass-roots following in there native New York.

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Twitter – @deathbypianonyc

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