Have you listened to Peter Cat – So Str8 yet?

Take a step back into the 90s with this incredible alt indie masterpiece. With it’s melodic synths, rich vocals and killer chorus, So Str8 will have you gripped from the start. Glaswegian singer songwriter, Peter Cat’s vocals reminds me a lot of Jarvis Cocker which is certainly something we don’t hear in the local music scene often!

The track represents a teenager at a religious high school, struggling to come to terms with their sexual orientation. So Str8 is certainly a track that deals with real issues and can be an aid to individuals dealing with similar issues.

Think Pulp meets Bowie. That unique individual style that not many musicians can grasp yet Peter Cat does it so well. It’s refreshing to hear something completely different with such high quality and professionalism. Make sure you check out So Str8 below as it’s certainly a track you won’t want to miss out on!

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