Meet the Bands – INEGO

WHO? Toby Belshaw (vocals/guitars), Pete McKenzie Hodge (drums / backing vocals), Dan Myers (Guitars) Stefan Güttel( Bass) make up Manchester’s own INEGO.

GENRE? Indie Rock/Pop 

FOR FANS OF: New Order, Daft Punk, James, Blossoms, Mgmt, Foster The People, Chic

WHY WE ARE DIGGIN THEM: Inego produce these incredibly feel good tracks that will certainly put a smile on your face! The band have a unique sound that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd and after listening to their newly released album, Departures it’s clear the band are going places with their wide variety of genre – they have a song for every type of music lover!

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: Can You Feel? This is a track that grips listeners from the offset. Atmospheric melodies, captivating lyrics and a catchy chorus – this is a song that really stood out for us. Can You Feel? takes listeners on a journey with meaningful lyrics that I’m sure we can all relate too. This track in particular shows Inego’s talents within song-writing. Can You Feel? really leaves an impression on its listeners which is a must for any band within the music scene who want to make a name for themselves.

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE LYRICS: ‘In this crazy world, I’m crazy for you‘ (Nobody)

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND: It has to be releasing our debut album ‘Departures’ (which came out last month) as the record has been ready for a while but we delayed releasing it due to Covid19. So for it to be finally ‘out there’ in the world is a dream come true for us and something we’ve been working towards for a while. This is made extra special by the fact it was our fans who helped us make this record and another major part of the story is that we got to work with legendary producer Gavin Monaghan on it, who is someone who has worked with everyone from Editors to Robert Plant and The Twang in the incredible Magic Garden Studios, and hereally helped us find and define the INEGO sound that is captured on the record.

GIG HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND: Being from Manchester, we always find the crowds here special. We went through a stage a few years back where our drummer Pete would always call for a stage invasion at the end of every set we played and for a while it used to happen more often than not! From a band perspective it certainly made things a lot more interesting just trying to finish the song amongst all the bodies and security trying to remove them from the stage at the same time. Definitely a Rock N Roll climax to the show. 

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