Have you listened to Wolforna – In His Dreams yet?

Hypnotising melodies, a unique blend of guitar hooks and intimate vocals, Wolforna’s latest release, ‘In His Dreams’ is sure to have you mesmerised from the get-go. The intro of the track takes listeners on a daydream with it’s relaxing aura at first instance and then this incredible distorted guitar solo creeps in taking the track to a whole new level before returning back to the original captivating presence we first heard at the opener… the ultimate rock ballad.

The four piece rock band from Leeds explore a mix of genres within ‘In His Dreams’ showing the variety of talent within their song writing ability. Wolforna are a band with incredible passion which can be spotted instantly within their latest release. I can only imagine how impressive they would be on stage. Powerful vocals, big stadium choruses and electrifying guitars – this is a band that have the talent to go on to do big things!

Check out In His Dreams now…

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