Meet the Bands – The Black Denims

WHO? Gavin Lamont, Conor Smith, Tim Brough, S.D. McPherson, Iain Gordon-Smith, Timmy Allen, Roo Gedes all make up Glaswegian band, The Black Denims

GENRE? Country, Rock ’n’ Roll, Blues

FOR FANS OF: Warren Zevon, Sturgill Simpson, Bob Dylan

Photo Credit – Kieran Howe

WHY WE ARE DIGGIN THEM: Bluesy yet groovy melodies and impressive vocals, you think you’d just taken a step back into the 1950s but that’s the beauty of this band. The Black Denims have brought rock n roll back to Glasgow and we are here for it!

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: Only Call You When I’m Lonely (And I’m Lonely All the Time). A bittersweet sweet melody with a country twist. There’s an easy listening flow to the tune that makes listeners want to replay on repeat. The incredibly natural vocals collide beautifully with the wide range on instruments makes it a perfect track to zoom out with.

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE LYRICS: If you were a crime I’d be the prime suspect’ (Stopping Dead)

First highlight was being the last sound to ever come out of Coats Church in Paisley before the building tragically burned down. We recorded our debut single ‘You Weren’t There’ inside and a few short months after the beautiful building was burnt. We didn’t start the fire, but the fire in our hearts held us in high spirits for our jam packed debut at The Blue Arrow Jazz Club a few weeks later.
After the success of The Blue Arrow, and with lockdown on the horizon, we jumped straight into the studio to record a 6 track EP. We spent most of February in the studio and had tremendous fun producing and recording our tunes. We also had some guest appearances from some of the best musicians Glasgow has to offer from bands such as Nimbus Sextet, Corto-Alto and Awkward Family Portraits.

‘Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, we had big plans for gigs before COVID hit. We’re a live band through and through and you have to see it to believe it. We were booked to have a pretty full summer with a festival tour of the UK and some dates in the Netherlands. They’re mad over there! All of our booked dates will be reinstated in 2021 , with all of our fingers collectively crossed.
However for us to narrow down highlights, it’s a task within itself. There are so many.
In the old days we used to fancy ourselves a bit of a’ punk’ band. Dawned fur coats and played fast, angry blues for unsuspecting punters. Short of climbing tables, soloing on the floors and jumping into the crowds we experienced our first duping from a ‘reputable’ promoter who was assuring us that a 80/20 split in his favour was in our best interest. We made it a priority to show how grateful we were, mid song, by raining slices of mouldy street pizza on him. Slices we found in an alley before going on. The crowd loved it and cheered louder than we played! Not quite on par with Chuck Berry’s suitcase full of money story, but close enough.’


Instagram: @theblackdenims

Featured Image Credit – Kieran Howe

Check out The Black Denims latest track below

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