Meet the Bands – Constant Follower

WHO? Scottish outfit, Constant Follower

GENRE?  Dreamy Atmospheric Folk

FOR FANS OF: Explosions in the Sky, The National, The War on Drugs

Photo Credit: David Newitt

WHY ARE WE DIGGIN THEM: Constant Follower create something really special within their music that is so unique yet comes so natural to them. The type of music that helps you escape from every day life. There’s a calming aura that soars through making them very therapeutic to listen to. This band would certainly have the crowd in awe during their live sessions… something I can’t wait to witness in the future!

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: I Can’t Wake You – This track is utterly beautiful… a true masterpiece. The soft acoustics and graceful lyrics create this raw emotion through the music that totally mesmerises listeners. I highly recommend you take some time to really connect with the track… lights off, earphones in, world out and let the music do the rest!

THE MUSIC FILES’ FAVOURITE LYRICS: So set aside some time till you need it, you’ll need it’ (set aside some time)

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND: When I think about where I am and what my highlights have been so far, I feel like everything is still so new. There’ve been so many highlights because almost every opportunity that comes along feels like a gift. We’ve played live with some of my musical heroes and been offered collaborations with artists I never dreamed of working with. But I think the highlight so far was the opportunity to work with Kramer. He produced some of the records that have been incredibly influential to me and my music; artists such as Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Low… the list goes on and on. The work we are creating together is something that has so many of those special moments that I feel in my chest. And that’s like the sign for me – when I feel the magic in my chest like that, I know I’ve captured a moment right there, and I know others will feel that too. ‘ – Stephen McAll

GIG HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND: ‘We’ve been very fortunate to play some beautiful gigs with artist who we adore and respect very much. The highlight for me was our last gig before lockdown when we sold out the Tron Theatre in Glasgow. It was special for me because I used to promote shows at the Tron, but I never thought at the time that I would be up on the stage delivering my own songs. It was long after I was promoting shows there that I even picked up a guitar. I remember after one song at that last gig there was that silence, when people don’t know if something else is going to happen and they’re waiting for the first person to break the silence with a clap. I remember that strange tension in the room and just having a smile to myself, then the first clap came, then the uproar. That gig was the first time I realised that I didn’t feel like an imposter on the stage.‘ – Stephen McAll


Twitter: constantfollowr

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